Month: December 2010

Fujifilm Finepix X100 preview

Fujifilm’s X100 was first revealed at Photokina in 2010 and it’s retro styling instantly captured peoples attention.  The X100 has yet to hit store shelves but Fujifilm has been slowly releasing more and more information about this camera to tantalize prospective buyers.  Sadly this is a hands-off preview, I have not yet used one of these cameras in person but since we still don’t know exactly when this camera will come onto the market I thought I’d write a little about what we already know of the camera. UPDATE: The camera is now up for pre order at Adorama!  Get in line while you can ! UPDATE 2:  B&H now have the camera up for pre order!! The important specifications: 12.3 MP APS-C CMOS sensor Fixed 23mm (35mm equiv.) f2.0 Fujinon Aspherical lens Magnesium top and bottom plates Hybrid optical/electronic viewfinder Aperture ring on lens Top plate dials are metal Manual focus ring on lens 2.8″ LCD screen 10cm close focus distance for macro shots Built in 3-stop neutral density filter 720p video recording with stereo sound SD Card compatible Diminutive size (126 x 74 x 53 ) $1200 These are the main specs that get me pretty excited about this camera.  I recently tested out the Leica X1 and I really enjoyed using it because it was an incredibly powerful tool in such a small package.  Like the...

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RED Epic finally in the hands of film makers

RED’s new flagship camera, the Epic has finally started to ship in limited quantities.  A few months ago RED announced that a limited number of hand machined and hand assembled Epics would be available slightly before the regular production run begins.  The so called Epic-M was available to order for $58,000 and that package included a 5″ touch screen, the Bomb EVF and a 128 GB SSD module + a Redmote.  Overall, the premium for getting one of these limited hand assembled versions is about $10,000 but people jumped at the opportunity and the very first one shipped to OFFHOLLYWOOD last week.  The guys from OFFHOLLYWOOD were the very first to purchase a RED One 5 years ago when it was launched so it’s nice to see Jim Jannard honoring their previous commitments and giving them the chance to be first with the Epic too. If you are not familiar with the Epic camera then take a look around their website for more information.  RED has been at the forefront of digital film making and they have lead the charge to get major Hollywood studios to switch from film to digital.  The Epic shoots enormous resolution 5k RAW video which is many times larger than 1080p and represents the future of digital cinema.  Within the last few weeks it has been announced that the new Spiderman movie with be...

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New Canon 1.4x and 2x Extenders now up for order

These things usually only come up for order when they know they will be shipping fairly soon so this is a good indication that the new MKIII Extenders (teleconverters) will be hitting stores soon.  Originally slated for a December release it seems this may slip to January.  B&H has them up for order now Canon Extender EF 1.4X III Canon Extender EF 2X III I wrote about these when they were announced earlier in the year at...

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Redrock Micro Running Man HDSLR rig review

The ergonomic difficulties associated with HDSLR movie making is something we take as a given.  We accept it without much complaint because the end results can be well worth the trouble it takes to put together an HDSLR rig that suits your needs.  Cameras like the Canon 5dMKII and 7d were not intended to be used for pure video production purposes so there are a number of problems that need to be tackled if you are going to produce quality work with them.  The first such problem is a way to view the screen, which I have already touched...

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