Month: June 2010

Quick video tip – Fast tilt

Everyone who shoots with DSLRs for video knows the problems with high speed panning, the dreaded “jello vision” or rolling-shutter effect. This is caused by the way the camera’s sensor records the information, top to bottom. As you pan, the image that the sensor starts to record at the top, is shifted slightly to one side by the time the sensor has finished recording the data at the bottom so the subjects appear to bend to one side. But this does not really effect your video if you want to perform a tilt at high speed because relative to the vertical lines on the sensor, the subject is not moving. A couple of days ago I wanted to try out my 300mm f2.8 L IS for filming with my 1dMKIV. I was attending a snowboarding competition and I knew that with such a long lens I was going to need to follow the action pretty fast. Instead of setting up for a standard panning movement, I climbed high above the action and shot a high speed tilt instead, thereby making full use of the cameras abilities and not allowing it’s main weakness to effect my ability to get a cool shot. There is some panning motion in there too but it is a much smaller amount than it would have been if I was side on to the action....

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Sequences re-visited from SBC Skier magazine

Apologies for the lack of updates in the last couple of week, it’s been busy times here in Whistler.  Today I’d like to post some sequences that were shot last year for SBC Skier magazine here in Canada.  The first four were to be used for “Trick Tips” , where a pro skier describes how someone would go about performing that trick.  The fifth sequence was not shot for that purpose, but it was run as a double page spread so I thought I’d throw it in the mix too.  For anyone wanting to know how to create a sequence photo in photoshop I did a video tutorial on this a while back which I will re-post at the bottom of this article.  I might re-do this tutorial over the summer to upgrade it to an HD version so if there is anything you want clarification on please leave a comment below so that I can address it in the re-make! A key rule for shooting a sequence is that you have to be able to see the skier (or snowboarder/biker/skateboarder) ride away cleanly from their trick.  This is the first thing that I think about when I want to shoot a sequence.  Which angle will allow me to see them ride away? A sequence without the ride away is totally pointless so always think about this first. People...

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ThinkTank Hydrophobia 70-200 Flash rain cover review

Torrential rain or prolonged periods of snow do not generally go hand in hand with photography and camera equipment. Sometimes it has to be avoided to prevent damage to equipment but sometimes it cannot be avoided while on assignment to cover a particular event. If you find yourself in that situation you might want to think about using a specially designed camera cover such as this very cleverly designed one from ThinkTank Photo. The first thing I noticed about the Hydrophobia is that even packed into its storage pouch it is not small and weighs in at about 400g....

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Ski photo slideshow for 2010 Olympics in Whistler

Before the 2010 Olympics kicked off in my home town of Whistler, BC, I was commissioned by the local arts council to produce a slideshow of some of my skiing images. The slideshow was played on TVs and giant screens around the Olympics during the breaks between events. Check it out below and click through to Vimeo if you want to watch it in HD. Whistler Core Shots Olympic slideshow from Dan Carr on...

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Adobe finally releases Lightroom 3.0

The day has finally come , and now the clock is ticking for those of us who are running the beta version of lightroom 3. The beta will expire on June 30th and after that point you will have to purchase a copy of Adobes flagship image organizer to continue to use it. Like a lot of people out there I have been testing LR3 for some time and it is a vast improvement over LR2. Earlier in the winter I tried out Aperture 3 as well, but for me Lightroom’s file organization was much better. I don’t profess to be a Lightroom expert but I know what works well for me. You can also download a trial version of the final release candidate and try it for 30 days to help make the decision to upgrade or not and you can also Get 30% off Lightroom 3 when purchased with Photoshop CS5 software which is a pretty good...

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