I decided that it was time to update some portfolio sections on my website. At the end of each winter I have a stack of images that I would just love to show everybody. Unfortunately they have to remain under wraps until they have been used by either the commercial or editorial clients in the following winter’s ski magazine! It means that some photos can lay dormant on my hard drive for over 12 months before they are seen by people other than art directors, marketing managers and photo editors. At this time though, nearly everything that I shot last winter that is going to be published in one way or another has been so I can finally update my site with some fresh images. These are a few of my favorite ones from last year. Some were shot on editorial assignments, some on commercial shoots and some when I’m just out shooting. On my main website you can view the images in THIS GALLERY where they are displayed slightly bigger. For ease you can also browse them below.

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All images copyright © Dan Carr.

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