Author: Dan Carr

Do You Microadjust the Autofocus On Your Camera?

A few days I was performing some microadjustments to my camera’s autofocus system and I snapped a photo of my setup and posted it to my Instagram stories with the question “do you microadjust your cameras and lenses?”. I wasn’t thinking too hard about it at the time, I was just snapping a quick photo of day-to-day life behind the lens as I often do on Instagram. Some of the responses to the question caught me by surprise though! I’m paraphrasing them slightly, but they loosely speaking they fell into 4 categories What is AF microadjustment? I didn’t know...

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New Article In Really Right Stuff’s Magazine

I’ve always been a huge fan of Really Right Stuff support gear so I was thrilled to be asked to contribute to the latest issue of their magazine. If you’re a previous customer than you probably already had a print copy of this land on your doorstep at some point, and if not, you can download a copy for free on this page. Hope you enjoy the insights! PS. Over on Shutter Muse last month, I wrote one of the longest gear comparisons that I’ve ever tackled. I compared every single Really Right Stuff ballhead, levelling head and gimbal!...

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LaCie DJI CoPilot Backup Device

I always keep one eye on announcements at the Consumer Electronics Show that rolls around in January every year. Whilst major camera launches tend to happen later in the calendar year, CES is often the place where exciting new peripherals are revealed, such as new hard drives and LCD monitors. This year the product that has got me most excited is the DJI CoPilot from LaCie/Seagate. The naming of this product is confusing though! Some people are referring to it as a Seagate product, and some people are referring to it as a LaCie product. LaCie is owned by...

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How to Speed up the Charging of Your iPhone

Like a good many people, I rely on my iPhone for work but I’m constantly trying to keep it charged. I have a collection of scattered chargers in my home and I usually try to add a little more juice to the phone whenever I’m near one. I would never think of using the charger that actually came with the phone, but the other day it occurred to me that this might not be a well known suggestion, so here I am today to tell you all why… The little USB charger than comes with an iPhone is the...

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Behind the Shot: New Year’s Eve in Whistler

Happy New Year folks! In this BTS post I’m going to be talking about a nightscape photo of the Whistler, BC, that was taken right as the clocks ticked over into 2018. Equipment Used for this Shot Canon 5D Mark IV Canon 24-70 f/2.8 L II Really Right Stuff TVC-24L with BH-55 ballhead Lexar Professional 128GB CF Cards Adobe Lightroom CC Having just returned from a two-week vacation over the holiday period the day before, I decided to get right back to work on December 31st. Mountains of fresh snow had just fallen in the valleys around my home...

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