Author: Dan Carr

Gear Check: Pelican 1120 Review – The $25 Pelican Case

I needed to find a small waterproof container to mount on the roof of my photography adventure trailer so that I can seal up some cables and controls for my solar power system. I own several Pelican IM2050 cases which are the smallest proper cases in the Pelican Storm lineup, but I also discovered a real gem in the Pelican 1120. This little case is just $25 on Amazon, and it’s built just as solidly as all its bigger brothers. Click to view larger images. Tiny!BH-30 Vs. BC-18 As you can see, it comes with the pick ‘n pluck...

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Thank You! Top 100 Photography Blogs!

I’m pleased to say that once again, my little blog has been listed in the top 100 photography blog list over at Feedspot. It humbles me to see it listed there amongst so many people who I respect so much, and draw so much inspiration from. Thanks to everyone that continues to read my ramblings, and make sure you also check out my other website, Shutter Muse, for long-form reviews and photo...

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NEW: Affordable Think Tank Spectral Shoulder Bags!

Think Tank Photo will always be one of my got-brands for top quality camera bags, along with their sister company MindShift Gear for the more outdoorsy ones. This week Think Tank have launched a new line of shoulder bags called the Spectral Series, and this aims to bring Think Tank bags into the hands of more people by offering them at a slightly lower price-point. The Spectral 8 is under $100! Despite coming in a bit cheaper than some of their other shoulder bags, like my personal favourite Retrospective bags, these Spectral bags still bring a ton of cool...

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GoPower 300W Pure Sine Wave Inverter. WHY?!?

Those of you following my Instagram stories recently will have seen my portable base camp, a Taxa TigerMoth adventure trailer. This rugged little trailer came pre-wired for 120v shore power for RV park usage, and solar power, but lacked an inverter to convert DC to AC. Normally you would simply buy one of those little cigarette lighter 12v adapters that gives you a regular 120v power outlet, like this one, but I found that when I used my laptop with this on the 12v DC circuit of the trailer, it drew too much power and continually blew the fuse...

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Shout-Out to Black Diamond – Treating Customers Right!

In the past I’ve mentioned a variety of customer service experiences on this blog because I think these things should be factored into purchasing decisions. I often find similar products from competing brands at roughly similar price points, so it’s good to know how a company will react to a warranty issue, or simply a technical support query. Since I have a voice on this blog, I’m happy to occasionally share these experiences so that you can keep them in mind when spending your hard-earned money. I recently purchased a set of Black Diamond gaiters for hiking, and unfortunately...

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