Author: Dan Carr

Video accessories for the Canon 5D Mark II: Part 2 – Video tripod heads

Following on from Part 1 where I took a look at some useful sound accessories for the 5DMKII, this week I’m going to be taking a look at video heads for your tripod. For photographers out there wishing to take advantage of the video capabilities of this camera , there is no getting around the fact that you won’t be able to use your current photographic tripod head. Normally I use a Really Right Stuff BH-40, whilst this does have a separate panning base which might be usable for panning horizontally , it would not allow any vertical panning...

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Video accessories for the Canon 5D Mark II: Part 1 – Microphones

When Canon launched the 5dMKII in late 2008 , the quality and look of the video it produced was lost on nobody. It changed everything, Fast forward now to 2010 and I am updating my original posting on microphones for the 5dmkII because it’s popularity has gone from strength to strength. The final episode of the worlds most watched TV show(in 2010), House, was just shot entirely using the Canon 5dMKII. And what is even crazier about the whole story, is that Canon had seemingly no idea of the potential of this camera when they released it. They never...

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Opening day at Whistler Blackcomb

The day that this town has been waiting for finally arrived. I’m going to keep this post short, it speaks for itself. Were the conditions great up there? No , far from it. Was it great to be back on skis? Ohhhhh yes. Judging by the height of the snow pack , we are still a couple or three weeks from being ready to get go filming and shooting round here but it’s on its way. The new Peak to Peak gondola system is an incredible feat of engineering and I will be attending the official opening on December 12th. The new gondola station for it on Whistler is almost as large as the restaurant...

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A new lens for my kit, Canon 300mm f4L IS

Last winter as my shooting evolved to encompass a lot more backcountry shooting, I increasingly found myself shooting at long end of my 70-200mm F2.8 L IS.  Half way through the season i purchased a Canon 1.4x Teleconverter  to use with it , creating a 280mm F4.  Usable in terms of image quality but not great, I was left a little disappointed unless the lens was stopped down to f8 and that’s a pretty tall order when you are shooting action requiring at least 1/1000 shutter speed. This summer then i decided to pick up something that was naively a little longer.  What are the options out there? I limited myself to looking at the canon L lenses.  As i’ve said before on here, i dont think its worth taking shortcuts when buying lenses.  If you take care of them they will last you 10 years and the quality of the canon L Telephoto lenses is considerably higher than equivalent 3rd party lenses such as Sigma.  I wanted the ability to get to around 400mm so i would either need to get a 300mm and use my 1.4x converter, or buy a 400mm.  The choice then comes down to the 300m F4L, 300mm F2.8L , 400mm F5.6L, 100-400mm F4-5.6L or the 400mm F4 DO.  The 400mm F2.8 was not a consideration due to its size and weight. I crossed...

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