Author: Dan Carr

New Pocketwizards on their way.

I have a love hate relationship with Pocketwizards.  When they work there is nothing better for triggering your remote strobes. But take them up in the mountains, put them in negative temperatures and things can quickly go awry. Triggering distance can drop to mere metres and misfires occur frequently.  From the Pocketwizard site today is a teaser for new triggers to be revealed on Monday.  Most likely these will simply be a challenge to the radio poppers , allowing wireless ETTL.  But you never know….. maybe they will have something cool up their...

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New Bags coming from F-Stop

For the last year my F-Stop backpacks have been my location workhorses. I primarily use the F-Stop Satori (their largest pack) for my day to day mountain shooting and when I am using multiple packs, I double up by taking their Tilopa pack with me as well. Over the last 6 months or so, the guys at F-Stop have been collecting information from photographers such as myself in effort to make these already excellent packs, even better. New versions of the Satori and the Tilopa have been announced for pre-order today on their site HERE Buy pre-ordering the packs...

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Ode to the Sigma 15mm Fisheye lens

About 3 years ago when I decided to start taking my shooting seriously, I also decided that I was going to need a fisheye lens. What action sports photographer doesnt have a fisheye right? Being a Canon shooter gave me two options, the Canon 15mm Fisheye or the Sigma 15mm Fisheye. At the time I remember reading something posted on the website Wheels And saying that the two were nearly identical in image quality. I had just bought a 70-200 2.8L IS so I though i’d save the money and buy my one and only non-canon lens with...

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SIA Vegas – Tradeshow Banners

The annual ski industry trade show, SIA, has been and gone in Las Vegas last week. I wasn’t there myself but here is a few photos of some of my photos that were used at the show in various booths. All the original shots were taken with the 8 megapixel Canon 1DMKIIN. So if you every wandered how big you could blow up these photos , check it...

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Winter gloves for photographers – The POW Photog

Another question that comes up quite often from readers of this blog and visitors to my site is “what gloves do you wear when you are shooting in the snow?” I’ve seen this question discussed on several other photography websites too, it’s not just ski and snowboard photogs who are in need of a decent pair of winter shooting gloves. Of course the problem is that we want to stay warm but also retain the use of our finger tips for operating the camera controls and most importantly, the shutter button. Wearing a think pair of winter gloves, it’s all too easy to miss a shot because you were not pressing down hard enough to squeeze the shutter through the thick material. The Photog glove from POW solves this problem perfectly. The tips of the thumb and the first two fingers can be folded back and held out of the way by the ingenious implementation of a few small magnets. When it’s time to shoot, fold a couple of finger tips back for full dexterity and fire away. The palms of the gloves are also covered in a camera based pattern but this is not just aesthetic. The pattern is made from a very sticky rubber to give you great grip on your gear in the cold. The gloves are suggested for temperatures from 25 to 65 degrees F....

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