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Shooting video with the Canon 5dMKII – Part 3

When I decided I needed to get this video stuff dialed, I needed something to shoot. There’s no point trying to figure this all out unless you have a purpose and some footage to play with. Leigh Powis, a local skier from Whistler, told about his crazy plan to put a trampoline on top of a cliff to help him practice a few new tricks before the winter. This was the perfect chance to try filming some action AND some lifestyle. So below is my very first ever video with the 5dMKII. We shot it on 3 different days for about 2 hours on each day. Please click through to the actual Vimeo page if you want to watch the video in HD. But come back to find out more about the video!! Cliff Trampoline – Whistler from Dan Carr on Vimeo. The lenses I used to shoot it were the 85mm1.8 , 17-40 f4, 24-105 f4, 70-200 f4,45mm 2.8 Tilt Shift, 15mm fisheye and the 50mm 1.8. There are many people out there shooting videos with the 5dMKII right now. The new intro for Saturday Night Live was even shot with one last week! A lot of these video pros are attaching all sorts of accessories to the camera to make it easier to shoot video. External monitors, follow focus systems, matte boxes, shotgun mics and all manner...

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Shooting Video with the Canon 5dMKII – Part 2

So once you have all of your video in a format that you can work with, import it all into Final Cut and set up a new project. This is where you need to tread carefully, depending on which version of FCP you have. I have Final Cut 5 and that caused some problems to begin with because I had no clue what I was doing. In FCP 6 and later, when you drag a clip into the timeline, it automatically converts the timeline/sequence settings to conform to the setting of your clip. In this case 1920×1080 , 30fps,...

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Shooting video with a Canon 5dMKII – Part 1

When I first got the 5dMKII last winter, the camera world was buzzing about the incredible HD video that it can shoot as well as the beautiful 21MP images. This will be great I thought, I can shoot some videos in between shooting photos. When it actually came down to it though, nice idea as it is, I didn’t have the time mid-winter to learn about shooting video and editing HD video or learn about all the weird idiosyncrasies that the 5d’s video has. I made a couple of short videos that never turned out how I expected and...

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Think Tank Photo announces the Takeoff roller backpack

Regular readers of my blog will know that I am something of a fan of Think Tank products. I own many of their bags and they all have very different and specific uses for me. One thing that they have become very well known for, is their line of roller bags for airport travel. There are several bags in the range that are suitable for both international and domestic flight. The new bag in the range is called the Takeoff. And what makes this one special is the shoulder straps that lie concealed in the back panel. A roller bag is ideal in many airport situations, but occasionally you can come across a time when it pays to have shoulder straps. For example…. try dragging a roller bag across gravel or other rough surfaces! Last month I found myself in bit of conundrum on a photo trip to New Zealand. I had a roller bag (Think Tank Airport International) and a rolling pelican case (1610) as well as a rolling ski bag. Three roller bags and only 2 hands is fine when you have a luggage trolley, but when a bus drops you in a city center 500yds from a taxi rank…….problem! I could have done with shoulder straps in that situation. With airline carry on restrictions getting tighter by the day, I have also noticed an increasing trend....

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Whistler Blackcomb Peak to Peak campaign

Back in the spring time I was asked to shoot a campaign for Whistler Blackcomb. The ads were to center around the new Peak to Peak gondola that spans the gap between Whistler and Blackcomb and the first versions have now hit the news stands in Freeskier magazine and Transworld Snowboarding. We had some difficulties with the weather for these shoots and they were postponed multiple times but in the end it turned out really well. On the left is Max Hill, on the right Mikey...

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