Author: Dan Carr

Skieur -Schuster is bigger in France

I got an e-mail this morning from Frank Raymond to say that I had the cover of the Skieur magazine in France. The photo was shot last winter in the Whistler backcountry with the Theory-3 crew while filming for their movie ” The Journal”. You can see another version of the shot from the magazine scan I posted from the Norweigen magazine yesterday. They are actually 2 different shots, I figured it would be nice to have a portrait and a landscape version of the shot so Joe did this trick a few times. It was a great day for shooting photos, the shot is actually taken shooting almost straight into the sun but there was a thin layer of cloud in front of it. It turned the whole alpine into a giant softbox so the highlights weren’t too harsh and I could still bring out detail in Joe even though he was backlit. Shot with a Canon 1dMKIIN, 70-200 2.8 L IS at 90mm , 1/1000, f8.0 ISO...

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Fri Flyt – Big in Norway

One off shots in magazines are nice, but it’s even nicer when you get a collection of shots together for an article. Last month Fri Flyt , one of the major ski mags in Norway, ran a few of shots of mine in an article about filming in Whistler with Theory-3 media. The article was written by a good friend of mine, Andreas Amble. Check out his blog here. He is also a very talented graphic designer. Check out Theory-3s movie “The Journal” in all good ski stores or pick it up online from the website linked...

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Anatomy of a jib shoot.

A couple of days ago we took some time off sledding here in Whistler with the PBP crew to shoot a jib setup that I had found before the season started. The setup was a double bomb drop, one drop followed immediately by another one into some trees. I thought i’d take a bit of time to go over my thought processes when i’m shooting something like this. Unfortunately I can’t show you the final shot from the shoot but you’ll see it soon enough…. One of the first things you want to remember with this stuff is to try and make the setup look good. Take the time to make things look nice for the cameras. In this case it was being filmed too so it needed to look neat and tidy but even if i’m just shooting stills , its a good idea to keep it clean and tidy. Put square edges on your jumps and landings and try not to put unnecessary footprints in the background. These things wont always end up in your shot but if you do the work beforehand, once you have started shooting you won’t have to stop halfway and fix something up just because you have changed angles. Next up, pick an angle or two. Normally I find there is one angle that jumps out at me as “The one”. I’ll...

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Everyday Is A Saturday

Today Poorboyz productions released the official trailer for their new movie Everyday Is A Saturday. With the most comprehensive list of athletes ever featured in one ski movie this is a guaranteed hit. For the last few months I have spent a lot of time with the crew up here in British Columbia shooting rails, backcountry jumps and lines. Let me tell you right now, this movie will be ridiculous! Check out a few behind the scenes photos below, click for larger...

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New Pocketwizard TT1 and TT5

UPDATE: Read my review of the TT1 transmitter HERE. Today the makers of Pocketwizards announced two new models to add to their lineup. I’m not going to go into details about what the current PWs do, if you don’t know then this isn’t going to be of interest to you at all…. First the good news, the new TT1 and TT5 are backwards compatible with the old models so there is no need to go out and replace the whole lot! The big new feature is that with a TT1 or TT5 on your camera and a TT5 on your canon speedlight – you can do wireless remote ETTL. Great for some people but whilst I do own a Canon speedlight , it hasn’t been out of its bag in 2 years so this feature would not make me buy the new models. So what is there in here that might be useful to a action sports photographer like me? I always use all of my remote strobes in manual mode so the ETTL capabilities are useless. But hidden away in all of the technical jargon and PR speak in the press releases is something VERY interesting and it’s called Hypersync…… It sounds like wizardry to me but the long and the short of it is that the TT1 (or TT5) on the camera can be programmed to fire...

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