Author: Dan Carr

New SanDisk Extreme Portable SSDs Look Cool!

It looks like SSD pricing has really turned a corner this year and I’m seeing products that are less then half the price, and half the size of the ones that were on the market last year. G-Technology launched a series of small, USB-C enabled rugged SSDs, and now SanDisk has done the same thing with the Extreme Pro SSD. Since both SanDisk and G-Technology are both Western Digital companies, it’s entirely possible they contain the same drives, but the external styling is quite different. The SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD looks to be significantly thinner than the G-Technology equivalent,...

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Behind the Shot: Sky Pilot Pano

I was tweaking a few galleries on my website today when I came across this panoramic photo of Sky Pilot mountain in Squamish, BC. The smaller peak on the right-hand side is called the Co Pilot. This photo was taken from a viewing deck outside the lodge at the top of the Squamish gondola, just a few seconds before sunset. You can see the last light of the day is just kissing a few parts of the mountain, but largely the whole thing is in the shade by this point. Something about the symmetry of this scene made me...

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How Not To Perform Autofocus Microadjustments

As I mentioned recently, I’m working on some in-depth tutorials for Shutter Muse about autofocus microadjustment, which is a feature of some mid-to-high end cameras that allows you to fine-tune the autofocus performance of particular lens and camera combinations. Perhaps microadjustment is something you already do, and maybe you even own a LensAlign II or a SpyderLENSCAL? Well, during my research, a bit of lateral thinking lead me to discover something which many people are getting wrong when they are performing microadjustments. These days all cameras have a live view function, but what many people aren’t aware of is...

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Do You Microadjust the Autofocus On Your Camera?

A few days I was performing some microadjustments to my camera’s autofocus system and I snapped a photo of my setup and posted it to my Instagram stories with the question “do you microadjust your cameras and lenses?”. I wasn’t thinking too hard about it at the time, I was just snapping a quick photo of day-to-day life behind the lens as I often do on Instagram. Some of the responses to the question caught me by surprise though! I’m paraphrasing them slightly, but they loosely speaking they fell into 4 categories What is AF microadjustment? I didn’t know...

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