Adobe Lightroom 6.3 Now Available

Adobe made Lightroom 6.3 available today and there’s several important things to note about it.  Whilst it adds the usual array of new RAW support for newer cameras, it also adds a ton of new lens profiles for lenses like the new Zeiss Milvus range, as well as... read more

Get my latest photography eBook and save BIG!

This week the now famous Complete Photography Bundle sale has something new up its sleeve.  The guys behind 5DayDeal always strive to bring new content to the bundle deal so that previous customers can still buy the new one with no fear of receiving duplicate content... read more

WIN a MindShift FirstLight photo pack!

Wow this is a really exciting week!  Not only am I super proud to be a contributor in the incredible 5DayDeal Photography bundle (time is ticking, don’t miss it!), but I’m also giving away a MindShift Gear FirstLight 30 photo pack that’s worth $280!... read more


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Introducing: Shutter Muse

I’ve made some changes to where I post my photography content such as tutorials, reviews and reports from my trips and travels.  All of this + much, much more can now be found on this new site of mine; Shutter Muse.  Slowly I’m going to transition this blog here back to more of a personal blog. I hope you guys will come and join me and some of my friends over at the new site as well!