Tripod Hack: Duct Tape for Emergencies

Here's a quick tip that might get you out of a bind one day. Wrap a small amount of duct tape around the leg of your tripod so that you've got a couple of feet of it to use in emergencies. You can use it to mend a broken tripod in the field, fix camping gear, camera...

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Packing Tips on Mighty Goods

MightyGoods is a website that shares stories and knowledge from adventurers, nomads, athletes and other people wander the globe. Along with several other photographers, I was recently asked to share some photography packing tips with them and you can find the...

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My Favourite Canon Multipurpose Lens Trifecta

These are the three lenses I usually grab if I’m heading out for a day of photography and want to be prepared for anything! With this kit I have a focal range from 11-400mm and can tackle everything from landscapes to astrophotography, portraiture, sports and wildlife.

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New Article In Really Right Stuff’s Magazine

I've always been a huge fan of Really Right Stuff support gear so I was thrilled to be asked to contribute to the latest issue of their magazine. If you're a previous customer than you probably already had a print copy of this land on your doorstep at some point, and...

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LaCie DJI CoPilot Backup Device

I always keep one eye on announcements at the Consumer Electronics Show that rolls around in January every year. Whilst major camera launches tend to happen later in the calendar year, CES is often the place where exciting new peripherals are revealed, such as new...

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Gear of the Year 2017

For the last few years I've written an end of year post summing up my favourite and most used photo gear of the past 12 months. I don't sit down to write this with a specific number of items in mind so we'll just have to see what springs to mind as I keep typing....

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