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Canon 7D Mark 2 – ISO 3200 – Download High Res Samples

150322_0946_dancarrI’ve been using the 7D Mark II for a few months now and the more I use it, the more I like it.  Of course when it came out, the first question that people wanted to know was: “How is the high ISO performance?”

Before the 7D Mark II arrived, my main camera was the 5D Mark III (I just LOVE the smaller form factor of these cameras Vs. the 1-D style).  I was looking to use the 7D Mark II for wildlife photography, paired with my 200-400 f/4 L IS and my main question was what the performance was like in the range of ISO 2500 to ISO 4000.  Why this particular area you might ask?  Well I often find myself shooting in that sort of ISO range when I’m shooting wildlife at the end of the day at f/4 or f/5.6 on my 200-400.  I wasn’t necessarily looking for the 7D2 to equal the 5D3 in this are, but it would be nice if it came close.

Does it?

Yes! It’s a slightly different style of noise, but it looks pretty natural and whilst it’s not quite on a par with the full frame 5D Mark III (no real surprise there), it’s more than useable and it’s a considerable upgrade of the original 7D which I simply could not use.

I thought it would be fun for you guys to be able to download some unedited samples to take a look at yourselves!  These have the default amount of sharpening applied in Lightroom, and there is absolutely NO noise reduction applied.  They were shot in RAW and exported as full resolution JPEGs.

Get The Sample Photos


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50% Discount on Canon 7D!!

This deal is too good not to share!  B&H are offering up to a staggering $850 discount on the Canon 7D package, in three varieties.  I know the 7D is an older camera not, but it was still a workhorse for many people for a long time. It would be a great budget camera for someone who is looking to get into sports or wildlife photography.

Check the deal out while stocks last!

7D Body Only

7D with 28-135

7D with 18-135


MTF Charts – What Do All The Lines Mean?




Over on my tutorial site, Shutter Muse, I’ve just published an in-depth article about MTF charts and how to read them.  They aren’t as complex as they look and I’m pretty sure there’s something for everyone to learn from them.  Head on over here to check it out!

There’s More!

I just sent out the monthly newsletter to the thousands of Shutter Muse subscribers this morning, you can view it online here to catch up with some of the other content I’ve been putting out over there.

New Image Chosen For Apple’s Global iPhone Campaign

I’m pleased to announce today that Apple’s latest global “Shot On iPhone” ad campaign will feature one of my recent images taken with my iPhone 6+.  Their latest campaign aims to feature the work of their customers, both amateur and professional photographers, and as a longtime Apple user, I couldn’t be more excited to be chosen as part of this project!  The campaign will feature the images around the world on billboards, transit ads, magazine ads and in a gallery on

More About The Image

A photo posted by Dan Carr (@dancarrphoto) on

The photo that was chosen by Apple is called “Ice Bubble Reflections” and was taken at Joffre Lakes in British Columbia, Canada.  The bubbles trapped in the clear ice are methane bubbles from decaying vegetation at the bottom of the lake.  As the ice forms, it creates incredible patterns that have layers of contrast and shapes right through the ice.  It’s truly one of nature’s most beautiful phenomenons, and a favourite subject for photographers who know where to find them.

The interesting thing about this photo is that whilst I had a DSLR in my backpack, I chose to snap this shot with my iPhone.  The notion that “the best camera is the one you have with you” has been talked about a lot in the last few years, but it’s also worth remembering that simplicity and ease of use can play a part in the equation.  I had both cameras with me, so which was the best?  I reached for my iPhone for two reasons; firstly it has an incredible minimum focusing distance that allowed me to get very close to the bubbles and exaggerate their size, and secondly the light was fading and I didn’t have time for the DSLR setup.  Using the DSLR would have involved removing my pack, getting the camera out, setting up a tripod and so on.  This was a passing moment that needed to be captured instantly, and with the iPhone, that was possible.


Apple is turning the spotlight on its users in a new international ad campaign that will see photos taken “by real people” displayed on billboards across the world.
The switch in tactic—a first for a brand that traditionally favors product shots—will highlight the iPhone’s increasingly prevalent role in photography, both among amateurs and professionals,

Time Magazine website



Apple’s new advertising campaign proves that the iPhone can take stunning photographs – when it’s placed in talented hands. This is one of the photographs to feature in it, shot by Dan C in British Columbia, Canada. It shows the abstract patterns of bubbles trapped in a frozen lake, as well as moving water and the reflection of mountains.

- Daily Mail

In The Wild

Ads and billboards are spring up all over the world now.  Apple is running the campaign in every major metropolis around the globe.  If you happen to see my photo, I would love to see a picture and hear about it!



More iPhone Photos

The jump in image quality between my previous iPhone 4s and the new iPhone 6+ is staggering, and it has really awoken a love for iPhone photography.  I’m constantly shooting photos with my phone these days, even when I have a full DSLR kit with me.  Whilst Apple is only using one of my images in this latest campaign, I thought this might be a good time to share a few other photos taken with the 6+.

–>> Please click the images to view them larger.

Closed: Print Giveaway!


Contest closed


How To Enter

I’ve decided to do a little print giveaway this month!  For your chance to win a 12×12 print of any of my images you can find on Instagram, all you have to do is tag you friends in the comments of one of my Instagram photos.  For every different friend you tag, you’ll get one entry to win print of the image you tag them in.  On February the 1st, I’ll pick two random winners!

Head on over to my Instagram account and start picking your favourites!  Good luck :)

Here’s A Few Photos You Can Get Started With


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