Behind the Shot: Grizzly on the Rocks

This week we’re taking a detailed look at how, and why I created this image of a grizzly bear in British Columbia. What technical and compositional choices do you think I made to maximize the result from this quick encounter? Find out…

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Gear Check: Nite Ize BugLit LED

This week I thought I’d introduce you to something that I have in every one of my camera bags; The BugLit from Nite Ize. It’s a tiny LED light with a small carabiner on one end, and 4 bendy, rubberized legs. It weighs next to nothing, but you can attach it to almost anything with those legs. Wrap them around things, tie them in a knot, poke them through holes…you name it!

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Gear Check: Peak Design Everyday Messenger

This post is part of my regular Gear Check series where we explore the items in my camera bag and gear closet.  Subscribe to my newsletter (weekly digest or monthly highlights) to make sure you don’t miss any of them! You can also find a list of all my gear in... read more

New Canon 1D X Mark II Hands On Videos

Canon just launched their new flagship camera, the EOS 1-D X Mark II, and it’s a beast! I’ve tracked down some awesome hands on videos, and also some technical videos that were made by Canon USA. Grab a coffee and have a watch…  then pre-order one... read more

PDN Magazine Feature

I’ve had this magazine on my desk for a while but I’m only just getting around to posting about it so hopefully some of you caught it when it was on the shelves.  I did a phone interview with the folks from PDN Magazine last summer, about some of my recent... read more

Snow & Ice Photo Contest – Closing Soon!

The folks at Photocrowd  asked me to judge their Snow & Ice photography contest and the closing date for entries is February 1st.  Just a few days remaining!  If you’ve got any awesome photos that feature snow or ice in any way, I’d love to see them in... read more

Behind the Shot: Winter Bends

This week we take a look at a beautiful snowy road in British Columbia for the Behind the Shot breakdown. How did I edit the photo to control the viewers vision through image? Find out in the post!

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Destination British Columbia Instagram Takeover

This past week I had the distinct privilege of being the guest Instagrammer for Destination BC on their @HelloBC Instagram account. I shared a series of images from my home area of BC, the Sea-To-Sky Corridor. You can now also view some of the photos on the Hello BC... read more

Flying With Photography Gear

Hey guys! Over on my photography educational website, Shutter Muse, I’ve posted an absolutely MONSTER SIZED guide to flying with your photography gear.   I don’t cross post everything here from my personal blog, but I put a ton of time, effort and... read more

Behind the Shot: Diamond Head Sunset

This week’s Behind the Shot article looks at a sunset photo of Diamond Head Mountain that I shot just a few days ago. I love using longer focal lengths for landscape photos and this was a perfect situation for this technique.

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