Day #7 – Photoshop Sequences

For day #7 of my Stay Out There 10-Day Challenge, I wanted to highlight one of my favourite Photoshop techniques, called a sequence.  This is a technique that involves taking a number of photos in quick succession, and then layering them on top of each other in... read more

Dan #6 |Preset Power

  For day #6 of my Stay Out There 10-Day Challenge, I’ve got a confession to make: I use presets to process a lot of my photos. The reason?  Practicality. Once you start shooting a lot of photos, you have to start fine-tuning your workflow, or it’s... read more

Day #5 | Share Stories

Kayaking With Grizzlies is the story of a photographic trip to shoot the grizzly bears of British Columbia, told using the Adobe Slate iPad application.

read more

Day #4 | Mobile Photography Lenses

Day #4 of the Stay Out There challenge is something of an extension to Day #2 where I published a series of mobile photography tips. Lenses For Mobile Photography As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I’m a big fan of taking photos with my iPhone.  That might... read more

7D Mark II High ISO Thoughts

7D Mark II, ISO 6400, f/4.5 250mm 1/250 I’m still in the Canadian Rockies at the moment and shooting a mixture of landscape and wildlife stuff, as well as working on this cool project with Adobe. I’ve settled into a routine of using the 7D Mark II for the... read more

My New Pocket Camera – Sony RX100 IV

I’ve been on the lookout for a camera that would serve a specific purpose; I wanted something that would literally always be with me. Enter the Sony RX100 IV The camera was to serve two main purposes: #1 – I like to share my adventures on the blog, my... read more

Disqus Commenting System Removed From Site

A little housekeeping post today to say that the Disqus comment system has been removed from the site, and we’re back to regular WordPress comments. I’ve had Disqus running on this site for a couple of years, but many people do not like it as it forces you to sign in... read more




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Introducing: Shutter Muse

I’ve made some changes to where I post my photography content such as tutorials, reviews and reports from my trips and travels.  All of this + much, much more can now be found on this new site of mine; Shutter Muse.  Slowly I’m going to transition this blog here back to more of a personal blog. I hope you guys will come and join me and some of my friends over at the new site as well!