• Incredible Photography Education Bundle – 95% Discount!
    Dan Carr, April 29, 2014
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Just A Few Hours Remain To Get This Amazing Deal–>> Hurry!

A couple of days ago I posted about the incredible bundle deal for photography education products that’s available this week.  In fact I posted a list of 7 reasons why I thought you’d be mad to miss it!  You do get $2000+ worth of products for only $89!

Well one of those reasons is the fact that 10% of all sales go to charity and the organizers of the sale had set the rather lofty goal of donating $100,000 to their chosen charities.

Incredibly, after less than 4 days, their goals were realized and over $120,000 has now been raised.  The question now is how far can they take it in the short time remaining?  150k?  200k??



Can you help them take this even further?

This is genuinely the best photography deal I’ve ever seen.  We’re talking once-in-a-lifetime stuff here.  The world’s best photography educators banding together for just a few days, to do something really remarkable and special.  There’s still time for you to take part too, just click the green button below.



Incredible Photography Education Bundle – 95% Discount!


This week I’m super excited to bring you guys an incredible opportunity to get your hands on a boat load of amazing photography educational content, with a 95% discount!  Some of the world’s leading photography educators have partnered together to offer this crazy deal for only a few days.  We’re talking industry leaders like Trey Ratcliff, Zack Arias, David DuChemin, Martin Bailey, Joel Grimes, Gavin Gough…….and many many more.

In total it works out to be over $2000 worth of educational content, all for the fractional price of just $89!

There’s no catch, these are all full products!!






 Contributing Photographers



  • Trey Ratcliff
  • Joel Grimes
  • Nicole S Young
  • Zack Arias
  • David DuChemin
  • Gavin Gough
  • Martin Bailey
  • Serge Ramelli
  • James Brandon
  • Amanda Diaz
  • Lindsay Adler
  • Alex Koloskov
  • Klaus Hermann
  • Joseph Linaschke
  • Jessica Drossin
  • Juan Pons
  • & many more………

The Products




For a full list of products you can take a look on this page.  I have the full collection of products myself and I’ve been going through the eBooks, videos and tutorials for the last week or so.  There is a staggering amount of content here, enough to keep you very buys for the next year I think!

Here are some picks for my particular favourite products in the bundle, but remember, this is just a small fraction of the items on the list.

  • Photoshop For Photographers by Serge Ramelli
  • Midnight In Paris (Bonus Editions) by Trey Ratcliff
  • Take The Mystery Out Of Lighting by Joel Grimes
  • Light & Process – Landscape Photography by Nicole S Young
  • David DuChemin’s eBook bundle

Like I said, there’s many more products in the bundle, but these are some of my favourite ones so far.  The great thing about it is that there’s a wide range of topics for all levels of competency and also a variety of photography genres.  David DuChemin’s thought-provoking writing about creativity is sure to get your mind wandering, while Trey Ratfliff’s unique style will have you experimenting with yours in no time.  Top it all off with first-class Photoshop lessons from the likes of Gavin Gough and Serge Ramelli, and you’ve really got the total package.

Raising Money For Charity



Last time these guys ran a deal like this they collected over $40,000 for charity by giving 10% of each sale to a select number of chose causes.  This time round they are aiming MUCH higher!  A whopping $100,000 is the goal for charitable collections this time round.  Sounds crazy!  But I like crazy :) When you complete your order at checkout, you have the option to choose which charity you would like to contribute to, or you can choose to have it split between all the available options.  If you are feeling extra generous there’s an option to double your donation as well!





Don’t Miss This!

You’ve read this far so I know this has got your attention.  There’s only a short time left on this deal and I don’t want you to miss out.  I guarantee this bundle will put a big grin on your face the moment you’ve purchased it so don’t waste time, don’t wonder off and accidentally forget about it because it’ll be too late and you’ll be kicking yourself!  Help these guys reach their $100,000 charity target and push your photography to the next level in the process.


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A great many of you guys follow me on various social media platforms but I was a little slow off the mark with Instagram.  These days I think I enjoy sharing things there more than any other platform so I would love to see you over there!  I find that different photographers use Instagram in different ways.  Some only share photos taken with their mobile devices.  Some will only share their very best work and others share behind the scenes style photos.  I tend to fall somewhere in the middle of all of these things as several people have commented in the past that they enjoy both my final images, but also a look into my daily life and routines.

Here’s a few things I shared from a recent wildlife photo expedition to the Chilcotin Mountains of British Columbia.  Hope to see you on Instagram soon!

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 One from the depths of my hard drive that never ran in a mag. @rileyleboe sending a big one in the #whistler backcountry during a Heli day in the spring. #ski #winter #skier #skiing #explorebc #mountains #snow #winteriscoming #bc #beautifulbc @armadaskis  Haha! Got some #Canada all over my car this morning  #fall #leaves #autumn #eh

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