That’s Not A Backup!!

  Over on Shutter Muse, I’ve added to my series of articles about photography workflow and backup routines.  In this new post, I wanted to highlight some specific dangers that are coming from general misunderstandings of RAID systems and the term... read more

Gear Check: Red Bull NordiX Assignment

This post is part of my regular Gear Check series where we explore the items in my camera bag and gear closet.  Subscribe to my newsletter (weekly digest or monthly highlights) to make sure you don’t miss any of them! You can also find a list of all my gear in... read more

Click Click, Tick Tock – Free Excerpt

This week my latest eBook, Click Click, Tick Tock, became available exclusively as part of the 5DayDeal Complete Photography Business Bundle.  You can get $1900 worth of photo business training for just $87, but it only lasts a few days and the clock is ticking. Learn... read more


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