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Awesome Summer Deal At LensCoat – Free International Shipping


I haven’t felt compelled to write about too many sales and deals recently on here but one landed in my in-box today that I’m going to take advantage of myself so I’m sure some of you guys won’t want to miss it either!  LensCoat make all kinds of camera and lens covers for just about any camera/lens combination you can think of.  I own a fair few items from them, including things like the TravelCoat for my Canon 200-400.  I also have a box full of camera body covers with and without lenses, which I use for packing on big trips.  If you are flying, and you hear the dreaded “I’m sorry Sir but you carry-on bag weighs far too much” you can easily stuff cameras and lenses into pockets and other bags and have them protected by the simple LensCoat neoprene covers.  They’ve come in very hand a number of times.

Anyway….. on to the deal!

Free International Shipping!

So usually when I see these deals come in via e-mail they say things like “free shipping (in continental US)” but this one is different! LensCoat are offering free international shipping on orders over $75!  Yes folks, those of us who live north of the border or across the pond are getting some LensCoat love!  Not only that, but there’s some bonus deals as well which also apply.  If you order one of their rain cover, the RainCoat 2, you’ll get a free front cover for the RainCoat thrown in for free (worth $20).  Also if you order one of their new Xpandable long lens bags you’ll get a free wait belt to go with it.  Offer Valid until Sunday, August 17th at 11:59pm.



Join Me On Instagram!

I used to really focus on Facebook as my social media outlet of choice.  Unfortunately they made sweeping changes at the end of last year that mean, on average, only 2% of my thousands of Facebook fans are actually shown my content.  I still share content there, but there’s no doubt that it’s less of a focus for me now.  These days I’m really getting back into Instagram and I would be stoked if you would join me over there so I can share some images with you.

Different people choose to use Instagram in very different ways.  Personally I like to share a combination of behind-the-scenes style images, and also some completed ‘portfolio’ work.  It gives you a little look behind the curtain at my life and my career and hopefully inspires you to have as much fun as I do!

Please come and join me!


New Posts On Shutter Muse

Along with the redesign to this website came a slight shift in how and where I publish some of my writing.  My feature length reviews and articles can now be found on my other site, Shutter Muse, and this month I posted a ton of new content over there.

Here’s a few of my favourite posts from the last month on Shutter Muse – click the images to get to the articles.  Enjoy!







Gear Check – Landscape Kit – July 2014

Since people are often curious about what gear I’m using I’ve decided to start posting updates of various kits that I’m using.  I’ll be posting them on Instagram if you want to catch them directly, just follow @DanCarrPhoto.  After that I’ll post them up here on the blog as well with a quick simple list of the particular kit I’m using.

Gear List


Topaz Restyle
Think Tank
Gura Gear - Canon
Shutter Muse



 Oh shit I'm so busted. #BadDog #garbagemonster #springer #spaniel #sorrynotsorry #desert  It's funny how I moved to #whistler for the winters but now I just can't get enough of the summer. #bike #swim #kayak #beach #lakelife Post bike ride lake dip, chilling with my sister from another mister, miss @katieleask #beautifulbc #TShirtTanline
 #TBT @mike_riddle hand plant in the pipe at @whistlerblackcomb . @atomicskis @thenorthface #ski #skiing #winter #whistler #beautifulBC #instagood #canon #fisheye  I got this kayak somewhat temporarily for a few photo projects but I think my dog Nelson wants me to keep it! I guess I should have expected it when I named him after a famous English Naval commander. #springer #spaniel #theAdmiral #whistler #kayak #canoeyak #summer #explorebc #exploremore

Your Next Reading

Introducing: Shutter Muse

I’ve made some changes to where I post my photography content such as tutorials, reviews and reports from my trips and travels.  All of this + much, much more can now be found on this new site of mine; Shutter Muse.  Slowly I’m going to transition this blog here back to more of a personal blog. I hope you guys will come and join me and some of my friends over at the new site as well!

Visit Shutter Muse