Gear Check: LensCoat LensSack

Anyone that dabbles in wildlife photography should have a photography bean bag in their kit. There are many opportunities to photograph wildlife from a vehicle, whether it’s your own car or a jeep on safari. When you do that, you’ll need a place to rest your camera! In fact, bean bags are much more useful than that. You can also use the on the ground to get beautiful low angle images of shorebirds on a beach, or any number of other small creatures. The first bean bag I got was the Gura Gear Sabi Sack, now sold by Tamrac under

Behind the Shot: Wise Wildlife Photography Backgrounds

This photo was taken in Jasper National Park, Alberta. Jasper has an abundance of wildlife and you often come across things while you’re just driving from A to B, as was the case with this bighorn sheep on the side of the highway.  Now, shooting things on the side of the highway is far from ideal, but I’m not one to pass up a good opportunity when I see one coming my way. This guy was still a little ways up the road from me but was making a pretty good pace in my direction. Rather than drive straight up

Behind the Shot: Grizzly on the Rocks

This week we’re taking a detailed look at how, and why I created this image of a grizzly bear in British Columbia. What technical and compositional choices do you think I made to maximize the result from this quick encounter? Find out…