Behind the Shot: Sky Pilot Pano

I was tweaking a few galleries on my website today when I came across this panoramic photo of Sky Pilot mountain in Squamish, BC. The smaller peak on the right-hand side is called the Co Pilot. This photo was taken from a viewing deck outside the lodge at the top of the Squamish gondola, just a few seconds before sunset. You can see the last light of the day is just kissing a few parts of the mountain, but largely the whole thing is in the shade by this point. Something about the symmetry of this scene made me want …

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Behind the Shot: Tiny Tree Biker (Photoshop Composite Project)

This image is a little unusual for me because it involves fairly heavy usage of Photoshop which is not something I typically do. I wanted to improve some of my Photoshop knowledge, and there’s no better way to do that than rolling up your sleeves and jumping right in. In particular, I wanted to experiment with creating a composite image – one which was created by combing two or more photos into a single, final shot. As an avid mountain biker, sometimes I have daydreamed about riding around in the incredible trees that grow in by home province of British

Behind the Shot: Watersprite Lake Panorama

In this example we’re looking at a 9-shot panoramic photo that was created at an alpine lake in British Columbia. Read on to find out which of the big “rules” I broke when I was shooting this…

diamond head squamish

Behind the Shot: Diamond Head Sunset

This week’s Behind the Shot article looks at a sunset photo of Diamond Head Mountain that I shot just a few days ago. I love using longer focal lengths for landscape photos and this was a perfect situation for this technique.