Behind the Shot: Rookery Rock Removal

This photo was taken from a zodiak on a recent outing in Nanaimo, BC. I really liked the clouds in the background, the great textures on the rocks and the sea lions barking away on the rocks. As you’ll see from the original image though, there was a distraction that had to be removed in Photoshop, so I thought it would be a good candidate for a BTS post! Equipment Used for This Shot Canon 5D Mark IV Canon 100-400 f/4.5-5.6 L IS II Lexar Professional 128GB CF Cards Adobe Lightroom CC Adobe Photoshop CC A boat! Photographing from a …

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Behind the Shot: Tiny Tree Biker (Photoshop Composite Project)

This image is a little unusual for me because it involves fairly heavy usage of Photoshop which is not something I typically do. I wanted to improve some of my Photoshop knowledge, and there’s no better way to do that than rolling up your sleeves and jumping right in. In particular, I wanted to experiment with creating a composite image – one which was created by combing two or more photos into a single, final shot. As an avid mountain biker, sometimes I have daydreamed about riding around in the incredible trees that grow in by home province of British

Stay Out There With Adobe & The Creative Cloud

Today, I’m pleased to announce a new partnership with Adobe and their Creative Cloud Photography plan.  I’ve been a subscriber to the Photography plan since its inception a few years ago, and as mobility has become increasingly important to my business, the Creative Cloud has been right there with me.  The Photography Plan gives me access to Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC and Lightroom mobile, as well as added benefits in mobile apps such as Adobe Slate and Voice.  As far as I’m concerned, the less time I can spend in my office, the better!  Tools like Lightroom mobile, allow me

Adobe NOT Offering Creative Suite 2 (CS2) for free

UPDATE: SO it turns out the whole photblogospehere is wrong about this !  Adobe was merely switching CS2 users to a new version or server or something like that.       If you’ve ever wanted to get your hands on Photoshop but just couldn’t afford it then today is your lucky day !  Adobe is offering the entirety of the CS2 Creative Suite for FREE !  All you have to do is sign in to Adobe and you can get it all !  Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign etc etc Universal serial numbers are provided as well: Creative Suite: 1130-0412-8377-1896-9751-5759 Photoshop

Adobe Launches Lightroom 4 Beta

Adobe has opened up a free public beta for Lightroom 4.  Once downloaded, users will be able to use LR4 for free until March 31st.  For users of Lightroom 3 it looks to be a fairly gentle upgrade so far, though Adobe have been known to keep back some killer features until launch time.  The biggest feature, that I guess we were all expecting, is the ability to make simple adjustments to videos.  Exposure, tone, contrast and white balance can all be adjusted and the files can be trimmed.   You can download the free beta HERE on the Adobe

Sequences re-visited from SBC Skier magazine

Apologies for the lack of updates in the last couple of week, it’s been busy times here in Whistler.  Today I’d like to post some sequences that were shot last year for SBC Skier magazine here in Canada.  The first four were to be used for “Trick Tips” , where a pro skier describes how someone would go about performing that trick.  The fifth sequence was not shot for that purpose, but it was run as a double page spread so I thought I’d throw it in the mix too.  For anyone wanting to know how to create a sequence

Test driving Photoshop CS5?s Content aware fill

Adobe release Photoshop CS5 a couple of days ago and one of the most talked about features is the content aware fill tool. I recorded a quick demo of it this morning with a couple of potential uses. I don’t think its quite the “black magic” that it seemed to be when Adobe demonstrated it but it could be a time saver in some situations. Just using the tool on its own though rarely does the job, it still needs considerable touching up with the healing tool and brushes but at least it can get you in the ball park

How to make a sequence in Photoshop.

I get asked this question every week so I have finally got round to making a tutorial video about it. Photoshop Tutorial :: How to make a sequence from Dan Carr on Vimeo.