Sony Takes The Bull By The Horns – RX1, A99 , NEX-6

Anyone that monitors the photographic industry can’t help but notice that Sony has been making some noise in recent years.  Just two or three years ago I wouldn’t dream of looking to them for groundbreaking photo technology or lust-worthy camera hardware but fast forward to 2012 and Sony are making big waves.  As their lens lineup expands and improves, Canon and Nikon need to watch their back because Sony are intent on becoming number one and they are on the right track. Tonight saw the simultaneous launch of a frankly bewildering number of new products for the 2012 Photokina show. 

Are Sony About To Change The Camera Industry ?

It’s not all that often that I feel compelled to write about something based on a rumor but this warrants further discussion for two reasons.  Firstly the source has been remarkably reliable in the past and secondly, what they are rumoring is a real game changer.  Sony Alpha Rumors is reporting that Sony’s next NEX cameras will feature support for apps, and an internet connection.  In my opinion this has been a long time coming.  Think of how successful photography apps have been on the iPhone.  Now imagine if that was coupled to a camera that actually had some power

Sony’s New NEX-7 Packs 24MP Sensor Into Tiny Mirrorless Body

The mirror less camera market is a fierce battlefield this year with a seemingly endless stream of new products from Panasonic, Sony and Olympus.  This kind of rivalry is only a good thing for consumers though as the top players fight for the spotlight with new features and impressive price points.  Today Sony unveiled a new top of the line NEX-7 camera ( as well as an NEX-5N) that packs a staggering 24 MP APS-C sensor in an incredibly small package.  Not only does this make it the largest sensor in the mirror less field, but also the largest APS-C

Sony drops a bombshell! Announces the NEX-VG10 camera

Sony has announced an interchangeable lens video camera today based around the sensor from their new NEX camera series. This has surprised a few people, myself included! We all figure Canon is working on something like this, we know Panasonic is because they have officially released prototype drawings of it, called the AG-AF100 but Sony always seemed a little bit behind in the race because their Alpha line of SLR cameras is really the only major SLR lineup that currently does not feature video recording. It seems then that Sony just decided to skip the intermediary stage of creating an

Sony NEX-3 & NEX-5

nexThe popularity of smaller form-factor cameras such as the Panasonic and Olympus Micro 4/3 cameras in on the increase. Samsung recently introduced their version, the NX-10 with its mirrorless design and APS-C sized sensor. Sony announced their intention to join the so called EVIL camera market back at PMA when they displayed prototype cameras, but today the NEX-3 and NEX-5 cameras were finally made official. And at first glace it looks like they will have been worth the wait!

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