Leica Launches The ‘M’

Well we all figured they would call it M10 but they just went with ‘M’ instead.

  • 24MP CMOS (yes!) sensor
  • Liveview
  • Movie shooting at 24/25p
  • Optional EVF
  • Focus peaking for focus
  • Works with Leica R lenses
  • 920,000 dot LCD
  • Early 2013 availability , no price yet….. think big!

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Leica Broadens Its Market With $5450 Leica M-E

Now THIS is cool!!  18MP full frame camera is essentially an M9 in a new body to appeal to those who just can’t swing the high price of the new M10.  Bravo Leica !  There were a lot of bogus reports of making an APS-C mirrorless system but this was absolutely the right way to do things.  I’m so excited I might even buy one!  What a beauty. EDIT: No I won’t buy one because they still have the same 230,000 dot LCD on it from the 1980s.  Yes it is that crap that I would change my decision.  Come

Leica Launches The M-Monochrom – Black & White Only M9-P

Leica have released another variation of camera based on the old M9 platform.  Last year we saw the M9-P and for Spring 2012 we now have the M-Monochrom, an M9-P that only allows shooting in black and white.  It forgoes the usual anti-aliasing filters and color array filters found on nearly every digital camera and as a result, no demosaicing is required at all on the final image.  This is not simply a color camera that has B&W mode permanently turned on!  It should be able to resolve much higher detail and be much more accurate in terms of subtle

Leica Unveils The X2 – 16MP APS-C Fixed Lens Compact

Today Leica has unveiled their new X2 compact, fixed lens camera.  On the outside there appears to be very little different apart from a socket to attach an optional EVF.  Very sadly this camera has the same 230,000 dot LCD screen as it’s predecessor. The problem that I have with this screen is that it was a bad screen two and a half years ago.  Nearly every single review complained about it at the time and Leica has simply ignored this fact.  Two and a half years is eons in today’s world, which sees many technological advancements ever couple of

Leica Unveils new 21mm f3.4 Super-Elmar


Compact M lens with improved imaging performance sets new standards in wide-angle photography

Solms, Germany (June 21, 2011) – Leica Camera AG adds a new, high-performance wide-angle lens to its portfolio of short focal length lenses for Leica M cameras. The Leica Super-Elmar-M 21 mm f/3.4 ASPH. sets new standards in imaging performance. It is characterized by its particularly compact size and suitability for a wide range of photographic situations. Whether used for photojournalism, architecture or landscape photography, the Leica Super-Elmar-M 21 mm f/3.4 ASPH. provides photographers with an extremely small, light and versatile wide-angle lens, particularly suitable for travelling.

The performance of the Leica Super-Elmar-M 21 mm f/3.4 ASPH. is reminiscent of one of the all-time favorite classic M lenses, the Leica Super-Angulon-M 21 mm f/3.4. This highly praised lens was an integral part of the Leica M lens portfolio from 1963 to 1980 and made its name and reputation as an ideal tool for available light photography and photojournalism. Even today, the Super-Angulon-M 21 mm f/3.4 remains extremely popular and one of the most sought-after M lenses amongst connoisseurs of fine optics.

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Leica Launches New M9-P Digital Rangefinder

THE NEW LEICA M9-P: THE ESSENCE OF DISCRETION Designed particularly for professional photographers, new ultra-discreet version of the Leica M9 added to Leica rangefinder portfolio Solms, Germany (June 21, 2011) – Leica Camera AG is proud to present a new version of the world’s smallest, full-frame digital system camera: the Leica M9-P.  This new model will sit alongside the Leica M9 in the company’s rangefinder portfolio. Providing an alternative, even more discreet and resilient design that further reinforces the classic nature of the M9, the M9-P specifically meets the needs of professional photographers.  The new model is now available in

Leica/ Band Pro and RED Teaming up to Bring EPIC Package

Band Pro and RED have announced that they will be teaming up to bring a pre-packaged RED Epic setup including 5 of the new Leica Summilux Cine lenses.  I had a chance to check these lenses out this morning and I can’t think of a better combination.  The Epic is so small that putting a Zeiss Master Prime on it looks pretty crazy, but the Leica Cine lenses are also small and seem like a perfect partnership to the Epic to maintain the portable size.  No info yet on exact pricing, configuration or availability of these packages but you can

NAB Show Report Index

Right now I’m sitting in Vancouver airport on my way to Las Vegas to check out the NAB trade show.  I’ll be posting regular updates on some of the cool new gear that I find out there and I’m sure there will be a ton if it.  I’m mainly interested in the HDSLR movie making gear but I’m also going to check out a lot of the newer Cine lenses and the RED Epic and Scarlet among other things that RED are set to announce tomorrow morning. The show kicks off at 9am tomorrow morning with a keynote speech from

A date with the Leica M9

Last week I wrote about my experiences with the Leica X1.  While I was down in Vancouver I also had the opportunity to have a more extended test period with the Leica M9. 50mm Summicron on the left with a 35mm Summilux on the M9 First a bit of a history lesson.  The M7 and MP were the last of the film rangefinders and the first digital Leica , the M8,  was introduced in 2006 with a 10.3MP 1.3 crop sensor.  An incremental improvement was made in 2008 with the M8.2 which still employed the same 10MP sensor but with

Impressions of the Leica X1

The X1 was launched by Leica alongside the M9 back in September 2009 and a new all black version was displayed at Photokina this year, set to ship within the next month.  For those unfamiliar with this camera there are a few stand out features that immediately set this camera apart from other compacts.  Firstly Leica have managed to squeeze a 12MP APS-C sized sensor into the diminutive X1 body which is an impressive achievement and immediately gives it an advantage over most other compact cameras.  Secondly the X1 features a fixed 24mm Leica Elmarit lens.  Elmarit in Leica land

Leica unveils the M9 Titanium edition with electronic frame line projection

I think it’s fair to say that the Leica M9 is one of the most beautiful cameras ever made.  Since it’s launch last year it has been incredibly popular despite a very high price tag.  It is still almost impossible to get hold of in a store. Today Leica has released details of a new special edition Leica M9 Titanium that comes with a titanium coated Summilux 35mm ASPH lens.  But instead of this being a simple titanium version of the current M9, it features an entirely new top design that incorporates a new style of viewfinder to electronically project

Photokina 2010 news report

The Photokina consumer show happens once every two years and you can always count on plenty of new products to be displayed.  Here is a list of some of the things that were announced or on display this year which will be updated throughout the week with new products as they hit the show floor.  If you are catching this on a feed reader you should click though to make sure you are seeing the most up to date version.  CLICK THROUGH FOR THE FULL NEWS LISTING Nikon Nikon made their official announcements last week which I have already detailed.