BTS: Black Tusk + Polarizer

This shot is a pretty classic view of Black Tusk in Whistler, British Columbia. You can get this view at the top of the Peak Chair on the ski hill, but the dramatic lighting in this one is courtesy of sunrise light while we were filming the Choose To Be Bold film about my work. I love the dramatic contrast between the white peak and the dark clouds, but this was hugely enhanced by the use of my Breakthrough Photography X4 circular polarizer filter. CPL filters have the largest effect on images when the sunlight is coming from 90 degrees

Gear Check: Canon Drop-In Polarizer

Circular polarizing filters are used for cutting down reflected light from water, wet surfaces, foliage and the sky. Most avid photographers are at least aware of their regular usage in landscape photography, and smart ones have one in their bag because it can totally transform an image when used correctly. Polarizer usage doesn’t have to stop at landscape images though! On a recent wildlife photography trip I was reminded just how useful they can be in wet environments when the light is harsh and high in the sky. If your long lens has a regular filter thread on the front

Do I Use a Protective UV Filter on my Lenses? No! But Also a Little Bit Yes…

No Whether or not you should use a protective UV filter on your lenses is always a hot topic, so I get this question on my inbox from time to time. I personally believe you should not use a UV filter on your lenses for general protective purposes, and by this I mean leaving a filter on the lens all the time. Good lenses are precisely calibrated, and even if you invest in the absolute best UV filters on the market (most people don’t), they can still have a negative effect on image quality. Why would you want to spend

New Discount For Readers: Save 10% on Formatt-Hitech Filters

Whenever possible, I try and work with my friends and partners in the industry to bring you guys a discount on the products that I use. When it comes to filters, I use the Firecrest ones from Formatt-Hitech, so I’m pleased to be able to offer you guys a 10% discount on everything in their online store. Simply use the coupon code DanCarr10 at the checkout. If you want to see what kind of filters I use, make sure you check out the filter section of my gear guide. NOTE: Formatt-Hitech have two websites, and the coupon code will work

Hitech Pro Stop 10 ND Filter Review

The kind folks at B&H recently provided me with several products from the filter company Hitech for testing and review. I’ve already reviewed their 100mm modular filter holder and now it is time to take a look at one of the most talked about filters, the 10-Stop ND. Let’s start with the basics, why would you need a 10-stop ND filter ?  In the vast majority of cases the reason to use one is going to be to create long exposure photographs of flowing water and skies.  A 10-stop filters will allow you to take some truly LONG exposures even

Hitech 100mm Modular Filter Holder Review

Physical construction and design The unit that I was provided with is Hitech’s newer modular system, not to be confused with their previous offerings which featured a set number of filter stages in 2-stage and 3-stage offerings, and not to be confused with previous plastic holders.  The main plate of this holder is very nicely machined aluminum with thoughtfully recessed holes for the mounting screws.  The kit that I’m reviewing came with options for up to three drop in filters and a separate 105mm adapter.  It also came with some spare crews of varying size and nuts to put it