Shedding Pack Weight: Flexible Water Bottles

In my quest for a lighter pack, this is easily one of the cheapest and most noticeable changes I made to my usual backpacking kit. Click through to find out why these things are so awesome!

Shedding Pack Weight: Nylon Vs Silicone Rain Covers

You might be carrying way more weight than you need to if you haven’t paid much attention to the type of rain cover you’re using no your backpack. I was pretty shocked at the weight differences when I put these things on the scales!

Backpacking with Camera Gear – Weight Considerations

As I mentioned in an earlier post, one of my goals this summer was to develop a lighter backpacking kit that would more easily enable me to get into the backcountry with my camera gear. I already had good quality equipment, but as I had acquired the gear over many years, I hadn’t paid too much attention to how light and easy to carry it was as a whole. I have increasingly found myself wanting to get off the grid for some of my photography, but I was always plagued by the decision of what camera and lens kit to

Backpacking With a Camera – New Content Coming

Over the years I’ve often been asked questions on the subject of backpacking with camera gear, and whilst I’ve had some answers, I’ve never felt like I had all of them. Over the next few months, I want to tackle this topic in a bit more detail as I experiment with a few different ideas and solutions that I hope will help me over the the coming summer season. Lightening the Load My primary camera has been a Canon 5D-series camera for the last 8 years or so, currently it’s the 5D Mark IV. It’s a rugged, full frame camera that’s  built