Banff Aurora Borealis

Behind the Shot: Aurora Insanity in Banff

Every photographer wants a shot at shooting the Northern Lights at some point, and this was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. It was taken at Vermillion Lakes in Banff, Alberta, Canada. A G3 geomagnetic storm rolled in on a night with a clear sky and a new moon that was setting early. You can’t hope for better conditions than that, for them all to align like that is a real rarity and I heard several comments from locals that this was the best storm they had seen in decades. Talk about being in the right place at

Behind the Shot: Aurora In Whistler

From time to time, geomagnetic storms occur with such strength that fabled northern lights, or aurora, can be seen at much lower latitudes than you might expect. Whilst I live in Canada, I’m not that far north so this is a relatively rare occurrence. Not only do you need to get a solid storm, but it also needs to coincide with a near cloudless night, and also a night with a new moon, or one that has set very early. As with all nighttime photography, your star gazing success will be hampered if you are fighting with the light from