New Canon 1D X Mark II Hands On Videos

Canon just launched their new flagship camera, the EOS 1-D X Mark II, and it’s a beast! I’ve tracked down some awesome hands on videos, and also some technical videos that were made by Canon USA. Grab a coffee and have a watch…  then pre-order one ($5999) using the links here: Amazon B&H Photo    

Canon EOS-1D X Firmware Update Gives F8 Autofocus & More…

Canon have been listening to the desires of the professional community and implemented a very important firmware update to the EOS-1D X today.  With this update the 1D X will now be able to focus with f8 lens combinations such as an 800mm f5.6 + 1.4x extender, or a 400mm f4 DO + 2x extender.  This has previously been the case with 1D cameras but for some reason Canon decided to remove it from the 1D, much to many peoples annoyance. The second major fix addresses the illumination of AF points during focus and further details can be found below. …

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Canon Canada Confirms Further Delay to 1D X

According to Rob Galbraith, Canadian dealers have been informed by Canon that the new flagship Canon 1D X will begin to ship in limited quantities at the end of July.  First, cameras will go to CPS members heading to the Olympics, a policy that most will be familiar with.  While we all suspected this camera had been delayed, it’s a shame to see it confirmed.  Glad I got my 5D MK3 and didn’t wait for the 1D!

Videos From CES

I took some time at CES to chat to people about my favorite cameras there.  You might find out something you don’t know so take a look below.

Nikon D4 Vs. Canon EOS 1D X

Just a few days before CES 2012 and the specs for the Nikon D4 have been accidentally leaked on a website (reported but not named by Nikon Rumors).  They also published a photo of the new Nikon D4.  Given that we already know all about the Canon 1D X we can now take a proper look at latest and greatest from the big two.  While the D4 will be the second of the two to be unveiled, it will in fact be available in stores in February compared to late March for the 1D X.  Amazon actually has the D4

Canon EOS-1D X Tech Note: No AF with f8 Lenses

I wanted make a brief post to mention this information that was pointed out to me by my friend Colby Brown.  It used to be the case that only Canon 1-series cameras could focus with lenses with a minimum aperture of f8.  It was a feature that set them apart and above the rest of the lineup, albeit only the center AF point worked.  Now Canon doesn’t manufacture any lenses that have such a small minimum aperture natively but there are plenty of ways to get there by using extenders. The newly announced Canon EOS-1D X (their new flagship!) DOES

10 Awesome Things About The Canon EOS-1D X You Might Not Know

Ok the dust is settling now on the launch of Canon’s amazing new 1D X camera.  But in the melee of information flying around out there I have picked out 10 interesting and amazing features you might have missed.  If you didn’t catch the full launch preview make sure to check that out right HERE 1. Silent Control function The quick control dial on the back of the camera has a capacitive touch system built into it called Silent Control function.  That means you do not actually need to rotate the dial on the back if you don’t want to,