Best Photography Blogs Feature

I was thrilled to learn recently about my inclusion in First Site Guide’s list of best photography blogs, even better, they created this awesome illustration of me as well! First Site Guide is a website about creating your first blog, and it seems to be an excellent resource on that subject.  As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts this month, my website is a hugely important part of my business and I’ve lost count of the number of emails and other messages I get which start with “I was just browsing your website and…”. A well thought out and well …

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Watch My Interview on the Divi Nation WordPress Podcast

My website has always played a vital role in my business, and over the years it has developed into something I’m very proud of. The site is built on the WordPress platform, and I use a theme from Elegant Themes, called Extra. I also use a theme called Divi from Elegant Themes over on Shutter Muse. Both of these themes are built around ET’s Divi Builder framework which comes with the Divi and Extra themes, or can be added to any other theme using a plugin. I’m definitely NOT a web designer, but the Divi Builder allows me to create …

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My Website Featured Again In “Best Of” List

Once again, my website has been featured in a “best of” list, this time by Wordpress theme makers, Elegant Themes.  Elegant Themes make two WordPress themes, Divi and Extra, that use a framework called the Divi Builder.  It allows you to do some really awesome designs without needing to be a web designer and it’s also available as a plugin so that it can be used with an existing theme. ET recently published a list of 25 Stunning Divi Sites to Feed Your Inspiration, and I’m proud to say that this site was featured on their list. I take my …

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PDN Magazine Feature

I’ve had this magazine on my desk for a while but I’m only just getting around to posting about it so hopefully some of you caught it when it was on the shelves.  I did a phone interview with the folks from PDN Magazine last summer, about some of my recent work and specifically the workflow that I employ for my files.  It’s a real honour to be featured in such a prominent photography industry magazine, and they even included a selfie that I took, haha!  Ok, so I didn’t use a selfie stick or anything like that! It was …

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Destination British Columbia Instagram Takeover

This past week I had the distinct privilege of being the guest Instagrammer for Destination BC on their @HelloBC Instagram account. I shared a series of images from my home area of BC, the Sea-To-Sky Corridor. You can now also view some of the photos on the Hello BC blog!  I’m so happy to have been able to share some images from my beautiful home. Read the post on the Hello BC blog HERE.  

Soul ID Top 100 Action Sports Photographers

The website Soul ID recently featured me as one of the top 100 action sports photographers in the world.  You can check out the rest of the photographers here, there’s lots of great inspiration to be had from the folks on this page.  A great honour to be a part of it!

Gallery and Feature on The Inertia

Popular surf and mountain sport website, The Inertia, featured my photography with a gallery of images a few months ago.  It’s a wonderful website, and truly an honour to grace its digital pages.  Check out the feature HERE.

Tips and Tricks for the Adobe Blog

I posted about this on my Twitter and Facebook pages a few months ago, but I forgot to mention here on the blog.  I had a lovely chat with one of the writers at Adobe, and they published some of my photo tips on their blog. You can read the post HERE on the the Adobe blog.

Interview on the Depth of Field Podcast

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of talking to Matt Brandon, The Digital Trekker, from the Depth of Field Podcast.  We chatted about all things photography and had a great time!  You can find the podcast episode on The Digital Trekker website, or on iTunes.  If you want to learn a bit more about me and my story, what I’m up to these days and how I run my business, take a listen!

Elegant Themes WordPress Feature

I take my website very seriously because it has been the source of so many of the great things that have happened to me throughout my career.  This website is built on a platform called Divi, by Elegant Themes.  It’s a theme that has an incredible amount of customization options so no two Divi sites have to look the same. A while back, Elegant Themes contacted me and asked me if they could do a feature about me and my site on their blog.  I think at the time, I actually forgot to post this on my own blog, so …

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Winter Photography Tips for B&H Photo

A few years ago B&H Photo asked myself and a few other adventure photographers for some advice about shooting in the snow.  I thought it would be a good time to point back to that advice this week as many of us go into a short holiday with lots of opportunity to get outside and capture the winter.  Maybe you’ll even have some new camera gear to play with! You can find the article over at B&H Photo –> HERE.