My Website Featured Again In “Best Of” List


Once again, my website has been featured in a “best of” list, this time by Wordpress theme makers, Elegant Themes.  Elegant Themes make two WordPress themes, Divi and Extra, that use a framework called the Divi Builder.  It allows you to do some really awesome designs without needing to be a web designer and it’s also available as a plugin so that it can be used with an existing theme.

ET recently published a list of 25 Stunning Divi Sites to Feed Your Inspiration, and I’m proud to say that this site was featured on their list.

I take my site very seriously as it has always been a major hub for my business, and I can trace many of the great things that have happened in my career back to my website(s).  I do offer a variety of consultation options for photographers who want to improve their own websites, so drop me a line if you’d like to know more about that. You should also check out my ebook: SEO For Photographers and Creative Professionals.

You can read more about my site, Divi, and the plugins that I use in this previous post about using Divi for a portfolio website.

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