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Dan-Carr-Photography2I was thrilled to learn recently about my inclusion in First Site Guide’s list of best photography blogs, even better, they created this awesome illustration of me as well!

First Site Guide is a website about creating your first blog, and it seems to be an excellent resource on that subject.  As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts this month, my website is a hugely important part of my business and I’ve lost count of the number of emails and other messages I get which start with “I was just browsing your website and…”.

A well thought out and well maintained website is one of the most powerful business tools in a photographer’s arsenal. If you’re looking for some photo blog inspiration you should definitely check out their list. You can also watch a half hour interview with me which I recently did with top WordPress company, Elegant Themes, where I go through the history of my website and some tips for getting yours up and running.

Thanks to the kind folks at FSG for featuring me in their list amongst such illustrious company!

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Dan Carr

Founder of Shutter Muse, full time photographer and creative educator. Dan lives in the Canadian Yukon, but his wanderlust often sends him in search of images all around the world to meet the needs of clients and readers alike.

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