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Paddling Magazine Feature

I don’t always get to share published work but this quick piece about kayaking with grizzly bears, from a kayaking magazine called Paddling Magazine, is available to read online in their digital edition.

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My 2013 Calendar Is Available

You might have seen this image in the previous post about the Norwegian ski magazine cover but being one of my favorite images from last year I also made it the cover of my 2013 Freeskiing calendar. The calendar features images...

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In Print – Fri Flyt

I just got this in the mail a coupe of days ago from Norway, featured in Fri Flyt magazine. You can see the printed version (courtesy of a slightly bad iPhone photo) and the original version as well. I shot this with a Canon 1D...

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In Print – Le Mans Images In Digital Photo

Expanding on the new One Click series post category which has been quite popular recently I thought I should also start posting some samples of my work in print. With both of these categories you can see what I actually get up...

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SBC Skier cover shot of Dane Tudor

As a photographer there is very little that is more satisfying than walking into your local grocery store and seeing one of your images adorn the cover of your favorite ski magazine. When the issue in question is also the...

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