Month: February 2017

Elinchrom Finally Updates the Ranger RX Series. Meet the New ELB 1200!!

Well this has been a very long time coming! Elinchrom’s popular Ranger RX series of battery powered strobes has finally been superseded by an all new product called the ELB 1200. I used to use the Ranger RX packs myself, but eventually I got tired of the weight of that system which was powered by heavy lead-acid batteries. I shifted to the smaller Li-ion ELB 400 packs, but I’ve been patiently waiting to see what Elinchrom came out with as a higher power solution. I believe I’m right in saying that the 1100 w/s Ranger packs have been essentially...

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Gear Check: FA-HSA Hot Shoe Adapter From Really Right Stuff

Last month I came across this awesome little accessory that I think many people might find different uses for. It’s called the FA-HSA Hot Shoe Adapter and it’s made by Really Right Stuff, makers of the best camera support gear on the planet in my opinion (just check my gear list!). Note that at the moment, the FA-HSA is not listed amongst all the other RRS gear on the B&H Photo website for some reason. I suspect this is because it’s a relatively new addition to their lineup. You can buy it direct from RRS though, and I’ll make sure...

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Think Tank Vs. Aquatech Eyepieces

I recently began using the new Aquatech Sport Shield Rain Covers for my cameras, and I’ve been incredibly impressed by them. I plan on doing a more in-depth post about the shields themselves very shortly, but I also wanted to mention the eye pieces that go with them. Just like the Think Tank rain covers, the Aquatech ones require the usage of a camera-specific eye piece. I’ve always maintained that Think Tank’s eye pieces are overly expensive, and they also feel cheaply made, with low grade foam stuck on them.  It turns out that the same cannot be said...

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