Month: June 2016

Brand New Gear Guide Launched!

Today I’m really excited to announce the completion of my brand new Gear Guide. Historically this part of my site has been one of the most popular, but I knew it needed a facelift and I also wanted to make it easier to update in the future. The Gear Guide homepage contains a simple list of all the gear that I use – both photographic and non-photographic – but it now includes an index to a much more in-depth look at different sets of gear. I’ve spent well over 150 hours working on this new guide and I’m sure...

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Best Divi Site Designs Feature on Winning WP

Not too long ago, my website was featured by the makers of my favourite WordPress themes, Elegant Themes, as one of the top 25 sites using the Divi framework.  For those that don’t know, WordPress is a powerful website platform that’s free to use, but it requires a “Theme” to be used to take care of the look of the site.  That’s why not all WordPress sites look the same.  I use a theme from Elegant Themes called Extra, and it’s built on their incredible Divi framework that allows massive amounts of customizations to be carried out by regular Joes...

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Behind the Shot: Aurora Insanity in Banff

Every photographer wants a shot at shooting the Northern Lights at some point, and this was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. It was taken at Vermillion Lakes in Banff, Alberta, Canada. A G3 geomagnetic storm rolled in on a night with a clear sky and a new moon that was setting early. You can’t hope for better conditions than that, for them all to align like that is a real rarity and I heard several comments from locals that this was the best storm they had seen in decades. Talk about being in the right place...

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Gear Check: New Canon 400mm f/4 DO IS II

It’s always an exciting day when a big brown box arrives, especially when it says Canon on the side. This year, due to economical situations in Canada (where I live) and Japan, Canon raised their prices on all their lenses and cameras. Whilst this is always a bit of a blow, they were at least kind enough to let people know that the increases was coming, and they even honoured the old pricing for people that placed orders before the April 1st deadline on out-of-stock equipment. Some of the price increases were close to 20% on big ticket items,...

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My Canon 11-24mm Is Here! Unboxing + First Look

This year (2016 for those reading later) there were some hefty price increases on Canon lenses here in Canada. Thankfully the increase was known to be on the way, so I thought I’d order a few lenses that I’ve had my eye on, to make sure I got them at the lower price point.  One of the ones I ordered is the crazy looking Canon 11-24mm f/4 L, the world’s widest rectilinear lens at the time of writing this. Canon have really been at the forefront of photographic lens design for some time now, and their innovation never ceases to...

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