Month: May 2016

Best Photography Blogs Feature

I was thrilled to learn recently about my inclusion in First Site Guide’s list of best photography blogs, even better, they created this awesome illustration of me as well! First Site Guide is a website about creating your first blog, and it seems to be an excellent resource on that subject.  As I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts this month, my website is a hugely important part of my business and I’ve lost count of the number of emails and other messages I get which start with “I was just browsing your website and…”. A well thought out and...

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Behind the Shot: Wise Wildlife Photography Backgrounds

This photo was taken in Jasper National Park, Alberta. Jasper has an abundance of wildlife and you often come across things while you’re just driving from A to B, as was the case with this bighorn sheep on the side of the highway.  Now, shooting things on the side of the highway is far from ideal, but I’m not one to pass up a good opportunity when I see one coming my way. This guy was still a little ways up the road from me but was making a pretty good pace in my direction. Rather than drive straight...

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Watch My Interview on the Divi Nation WordPress Podcast

My website has always played a vital role in my business, and over the years it has developed into something I’m very proud of. The site is built on the WordPress platform, and I use a theme from Elegant Themes, called Extra. I also use a theme called Divi from Elegant Themes over on Shutter Muse. Both of these themes are built around ET’s Divi Builder framework which comes with the Divi and Extra themes, or can be added to any other theme using a plugin. I’m definitely NOT a web designer, but the Divi Builder allows me to...

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Inside the Canon 200-400 f/4L IS 1.4x

I was fascinated by this video because I own one of these lenses, but I think it’s worth sharing with you guys as well. This lens is a huge optical achievement from Canon and it puts a smile on my face every time I use it.  The built-in 1.4x extender is still a unique feature in the photo world, and it makes this lens design extremely complex.  Just look how many pieces there are in this thing! Should you wish to buy one (warming, you will get sticker shock), they have them at B&H Photo and Amazon. Here’s my...

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