Month: March 2016

Reader Question: Filters for Ski Photography?

I had a great question come in over email a couple of days ago, and I realized that it’s one I’ve answered a few times in the past.  Clearly this is something that some of you have on your mind, so I thought I would share here for future reference. The question came in from Oliver Harrison as follows: Hi Dan! Big fan here! Going on a ski trip soon with a 7D Mark II, just wondering if sticking with the usual UV filter is ok or if there’s another filter out there you would recommend to help with...

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That’s Not A Backup!!

  Over on Shutter Muse, I’ve added to my series of articles about photography workflow and backup routines.  In this new post, I wanted to highlight some specific dangers that are coming from general misunderstandings of RAID systems and the term “backup”.  If you cherish your photo collection, I’d urge you to hop on over and check it...

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Gear Check: Red Bull NordiX Assignment

I’ve just returned from a trip to the Canadian Rockies where I was on assignment for Red Bull to cover their NordiX skiing event. I thought I’d take this opportunity to walk through some of the gear that I used for this job, and talk a little bit about some specific things that worked really well for this kind of event photography. The event took place at Lake Louise ski resort in Alberta, and was a cross between cross country skiing and skier-x.  Cross country skiers don’t usually hit jumps as part of their sport, but this being a...

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My Journey Into Photography – How It All Began

I get this question often enough that I thought it worth a post of it’s own. Growing up in the UK I never skied or snowboarded when I was at high school, but before I went to university I decided to take a year out and travel to Canada with a friend of mine. We settled on Whistler, BC as our destination and I spent the winter learning to snowboard and working the lifts at the ski resort. At the time the only camera I owned was a 3MP Sony Cybershot DSC-P1 which my parents had given me before...

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