Month: July 2013

Mindshift Rotation180 Pro – Free Shipping With My Coupon Code

PLEASE NOTE:  You no longer are required to use this coupon code to get free shipping. Free shipping is now included as standard on all US shipments from MindShift. Great news today that I know many of you were waiting for.  The excellent Mindshift Rotation 180 backpack is now in stock and to celebrate they have given me a coupon code to get you FREE shipping from their store.  Just enter the code DANCARR into the ‘discount’ box in the shopping cart!  This is a limited time offer so act fast if you want one of these bags.  I also know how many people have been waiting for this so not sure how long stocks of the bag will last in this initial shipment. Don’t forget my giant preview of the bag here: You can access the Mindshift Gear store HERE.        ...

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Canon Looks to Revolutionize Video AF

Have you ever wondered how your camera’s AF system work ?  What the difference is between phase detection and contrast detection ?  I’ve explained all of this in my latest guest post on ProVideo Coalition, as well as an introduction to Canon’s latest method which is called Dual Pixel CMOS AF.  A method which looks set to shake up the possibilities with video AF on DSLRs. I’d love you to head on over and take a look at the article HERE.          ...

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June Newsletter

Last week I sent out my newsletter to all the people who have subscribed to my mailing list.  Many thanks to the hundreds of you have signed up in the recent few months, I really appreciate it! You can view the June newsletter by clicking the image below, and I would love it if you signed up to receive my next newsletter directly HERE. Thanks!...

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Canon EOS-M Half Price !!

Ok this might just be the craziest deal I have ever seen from B&H Photo.  The Canon EOS-M with the 22mm pancake lens is $299.  That’s 50% off! Now I personally own one of these cameras and I can tell you that this is real steal.  It produces wonderful images with its APS-C sensor and the AF has been upgraded last week with magic new firmware to make it so much faster.  I’m glad to be able to show you guys this deal, but I wish it had cost me that little when I purchased...

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