Month: January 2013

Solving The Camera Strap Conundrum With The Carry Speed DS-2

Like most people who usually have a camera with them on any given day, I have never been satisfied with the strap that comes packaged with the camera.  For the last few years I’ve been using some much more comfortable straps provided to me as part of the Canon’s CPS membership which are simply Canon branded versions of the Optech Utility Strap with a different, more robust attachment system.  The neoprene strap works well for easing the discomfort of a heavy camera on your shoulders but the traditional attachment points on the left and right sides of the camera still leave a little to be desired in many circumstances. Over the last couple of years a market has sprung up for shoulder strap systems that attach to the base of your camera and position your camera securely to your side.  Blackrapid, Carry Speed, Custom SLR and Sun Sniper are just a few of the popular brands out there.  The problem for me though is that some of these solutions are pretty expensive in my opinion.  Custom SLR’s glide strap solution is $65 by the time you have purchase their strap and the C-Loop attachment that goes on the bottom of the camera.  Blackrapid has a huge range of straps, 11 at last count, and most of them range between $60 and $70.  As someone who uses two cameras I’d...

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Canon’s 90EX Flash As Portable Macro Flash

Here’s an interesting little setup which Many people haven’t considered.  I’ve been shooting a lot with the little EOS-M , Canon’s mirrorless camera and it came packaged with the little Canon 90EX flash.  It’s powered by just two AAA batteries and that means that it is decidedly pocket sized !  Whilst it’s marketed as a flash for the EOS-M , it works just fine with any Canon camera that has a hot shoe.  If you use a 5D , a camera with no built-in flash, then it can also be a handy accessory for general shooting and at $150 it won’t break the bank or really add any bulk to your setup.  Where it really comes into it’s own though is when mated to a Canon hot shoe extension cord OC-E3.  Now you can get the flash off the camera , still in ETTL mode and for macro subjects it works very well.  You might need to add some sort of diffusion to it to get softer light but the low power of the small flash is not such a problem when you can get it nice and close to macro subjects !        ...

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Fuji Launches The X100s

Two years ago Fuji created a storm in the camera market with the launch of the X100.  The retro styling, large APS-C sensor and f2 prime lens was a breath of fresh air and for six months or more after the launch date they were nigh on impossible to get hold of such was their popularity!  I owned one myself for about a year and you can read my review HERE if you need a refresher.  Today Fuji have unveiled the cameras successor and it looks as though they have kept all the good bits of the previous camera...

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