Month: October 2010


The guys over at B&H photo just sent me a list of all the rebates that are happening on camera gear right now.  I don’t normally do posts specifically on this , but forgive me this one time because I have never seen so many rebates going on at one time! New canon double instant rebate savings Canon lens kit rebates! Nikon rebates on all kinds of things Tamron Rebates Olympus Rebates Buying things through these links does help me out so if you read and enjoy the site then this is a good way to get me to write more! Canon Double Instant...

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New print available – Tree Skier

I have a new limited edition print available so I thought I would post up some shots of one already printed up and framed.  This is a photo of Austin Ross skiing across a fallen tree in Whistler, BC. This example is printed at 24″ x 16″ on archival photo rag and then sprayed with an archival spray on top to keep it looking perfect for a very very long time!  The printing is done by a company who I consider to be the best professional printers in Vancouver.  I can ship anywhere and shipping is charged at cost.  If you have a specific image of mine that you would like to have framed then this can also be arranged.  Christmas is on it’s way and a nice framed print is always a great gift !  Click through for more pricing information and print options. You can buy a signed print on it’s own in this size for $160 or you can buy it framed, as in the above image for $500.  The framing is customized again by the best framer that I know of. Giclee Archival Prints Other sizes of giclee are also available as follows: Canvas Prints There is also the option to print the image onto canvas which I find works very well to bring out textures in black and white tree images like this one. ...

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CalDigit AV Drive review. USB 3.0 comes to the Mac!

Let’s face it, we all spend more time at our computers than we want to these days.  With digital camera manufacturers pushing megapixel and file sizes higher and higher, and HD video becoming the norm, we are constantly in need of more hard drives.  On top of a need for reliable storage space I’m always looking for a way to speed up my workflow and hence spend less time in front of the monitor.  A couple of months ago storage solution specialists CalDigit announced a new addition to their external drive lineup, the USB 3.0 packing AV Drive.  On...

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