Month: September 2010

Zacuto joins the EVF party and announces the Z-Finder EVF

Well that didn’t take long…. only days after Redrock Micro showed their new Micro EVF, Zacuto has also shown a new EVF solution for DSLR movie making.  Estimated price will be $775 and they are expected to be available in Feb 2011 in limited numbers.  So maybe you can get one in 5 or 6 months time.  For me it is getting somewhat frustrating that these companies are announcing products so far in advance of availability just so they can be “first”.  They use the words limited availability  so for many people it sounds like it could be 6 months or more before you can get one of these.  Who knows what the state of the DSLR industry will be in 6 months time.  Things are changing so rapidly.  Rant over. Anyway this doesn’t look as elegant as the Redrock Micro version but it does have the benefit of having the removable z-finder on it and it used the same battery as in the 5d and 7d.  Cleverly it also includes an HDMI loop through so even when you are running the EVF you can loop through another LCD screen for someone else to watch.  The screen also features peaking, focus assist.  With all the features, it does seem like it might be worth the extra money over the Redrock one if they keep the price at 775.  If...

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Redrock Micro launches the MicroEVF for DSLR filmmaking

Full release: Redrock Micro Announces New “microEVF” electronic viewfinder for HDSLR Cameras Ultra compact, Ultra high resolution EVF Sets Standard for Size, Performance, and Price Hollywood, CA – Redrock Micro, the recognized leader in affordable professional-quality cinema accessories, today announced the new patent-pending Redrock microEVF electronic viewfinder for HDSLR cameras. This is the first electronic viewfinder designed from the ground up specifically for HDSLRs, emphasizing compact lightweight design, superior resolution, and incredible affordability. The popularity of HDSLRs such as the Canon 5D MKII for video and motion photography has skyrocketed in recent years, but the camera body is not ideal for video. The first generation of solutions for monitoring currently available –attaching an optical viewfinder to the back of the camera’s LCD screen –severely limit placement of the viewfinder and camera body and eliminate possibility of using additional monitors for camera assistants or directors. The new Redrock microEVF is an external electronic viewfinder that connects to the camera body and can be placed anywhere for maximum comfort and stability, and can be part of a multi-monitoring solution. The microEVF uses a custom made state-of-the-art backlit LED fitted in an attractive, ergonomic housing. Key features of the microEVF include: A full color HD viewfinder designed specifically for the compact, lightweight needs of HDSLR cameras. The microEVF weighs in at less than 8oz. Ultra-high resolution display that is higher resolution than...

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Aluminum Letus Hawk review with Quick Release system

For serious video shooting with a DSLR you need to have a separate viewfinder that magnifies the image on your LCD.  Not only do they keep the sun from your screen to aid your framing and composition but they also allow you to accurately focus with the very narrow DOF that comes from shooting with these types of cameras.  There are already many viewfinders out there but the Hawk VF from Letus is one of the newer ones.  Let’s take a look at the new aluminum version and also reveal their brand new quick release system! Letus launched the...

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Whistler Blackcomb ad campaign – Part 2

The second part of the 2010/11 year Whistler Blackcomb ad campaign was shot back in April.  I wrote about the first part HERE a couple of weeks ago.  This time it was not specifically the mountains that were the subject, but the snowboarders that use it.  This photo was to be used for the advertising in the major snowboard magazines around the world so we teamed up with some of the best riders out there.  The Sandbox film crew came in with a few riders to film for their new snowboard movie called Now You Know and Red Bull brought in a second helicopter to shoot some follow cam footage. Canon 1D MkIV , 24-105 f4 L IS, Elinchrom Ranger RX.  1/160, f8, iso 320 The idea was to carry over the black and white theme from the scenic shots we did last time from the helicopter so I was hoping for some dramatic lighting.  The snowboarder in the shot above is Seb Toutant, a young Canadian rider who has taken the snowboarding competition world by storm last season. Here is a few more shots that did not get used. Behind the scenes photos of me, thanks to my assistant for the shoot Aleks...

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Leica unveils the M9 Titanium edition with electronic frame line projection

I think it’s fair to say that the Leica M9 is one of the most beautiful cameras ever made.  Since it’s launch last year it has been incredibly popular despite a very high price tag.  It is still almost impossible to get hold of in a store. Today Leica has released details of a new special edition Leica M9 Titanium that comes with a titanium coated Summilux 35mm ASPH lens.  But instead of this being a simple titanium version of the current M9, it features an entirely new top design that incorporates a new style of viewfinder to electronically project the fame lines into the viewfinder.  Prices, more info and photos to follow soon!  UPDATE: Price is 22,000Euros for the Body+lens+lens...

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