Month: December 2008

Backup Backup Backup.

I thought I should wirte a quick post on the importance of backing up your files and photos from your computer. I’m writing this from an internet cafe, the hard drive from my computer has terminally failed for the second time in less that 12 months. Hard disks are mechanical, all mechanical things will eventually fail, theres no question of that. Its just a matter of time. When will they fail? For the most part you can never tell, but they will, trust me. Now, im not panicking about this, I am very careful about backing up my files so I know that I haven’t lost anything. My primary drive in my computer is backed up automatically every hour by Time Machine which is the program built into OSX 10 (leopard) on the mac. All my digital photos are stored on external drives and they are stored redundantly with identical copies on two seperate 1TB dives. As a further precaussion I also put select files on an internet storage facility to cover myself against something like a house fire that would take out all of my drives. If you do not backup up your files you will lose them eventually. It might be next week or it might be in 10 years but give it time and it will happen. It`s not all doom and glom though, with the...

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5DMKII – Quick video test

The snow has been falling in Vancouver, and that means its time to shoot urban! I took a break from shooting stills yesterday though to film for a couple of minutes with my 5DMKII to see just what sort of video you can get with fast moving subjects and panning. I think I have a lot to learn about video if i’m to put it to good use. As usual, pointing a camera at a snowy scene provides less than stellar results from autoexposure mechanisms. Snow is typically rendered 2/3 of a stop or more underexposed as the camera exposes it for a neutral grey instead of white. If you are shooting stills you can just shoot on manual but the video on the 5DMKII doesnt allow this so generous application fo the exposure compensation dial is in order, with hindsight i might have been a touch heavy handed with this example…. but I did learn something. The exposure compensation dial in movie mode seems to adjust the ISO setting and not the shutter speed or the aperture. I haven’t figured out if this is the same in all situations yet though. Click here to view the HD version. 5dMKII test from Dan Carr on Vimeo. To me it looks like the shutter speed it picked for this shot was too slow? It was very dark , far far...

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UpDown Magazine feature and portfolio

A couple of months ago I was interviewed by a writer from the UpDown Magazine.  A Canadian magazine available in Montreal,Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary areas that explores the arts and culture of life on the snow.   These were the photos that were also featured in the...

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