Canon Launches XA25 and XA20 HD Cams

Like many people, I was a big fan of the Canon XA10.  The diminutive little HD cam really created a new niche for ultra-portable professional video camera with it’s dual XLR mic inputs and it was widely adopted for all manner of productions including trips to the North Pole! Just a few days prior to NAB, Canon have unwrapped the XA10s successor and added some killer new features to create what looks to be a great pro package for those that need a b-cam or just for traveling light.  Photographers like myself can put a little cam like this to

Canon Sneaks out Another High End Camcorder the XA10

There has been a reasonable amount of coverage of the HF G10 Camcorder in the tech world this morning.  A nicely packaged little consumer HD video from Canon launched at the opening of the CES trade show in Las Vegas.  Reading Canon’s press release gives you details about every update to their consumer lineup but incredibly fails to mention the best camera from the Launch.  Canon’s hidden Easter Egg – the XA10.  Even sites like Engadget, the world’s leading tech new site hasn’t noticed this camera and I’m frankly baffled about why they wouldn’t bother to put it in the