Canon T3i – Video Digital Zoom Function

In Feb. 2011 Canon launched the Rebel T3i.  Occasionally consumer level products offer a sneak peek at something which may filter up to pro gear in a more refined manner.  The T3i, or 600D depending on where you live has one such interesting feature. The feature in question is called Video Digital Zoom.  Now before you all yell BLEUGH …. digital zoom sucks… bare with me.  Yes in general digital zoom does suck so this feature comes with some caveats.  Unfortunately Canon has not provided any information on exactly how they are implementing this zoom mode so there is a

Canon Launches the 600D / T3i Digital SLR

Canon has today launched a new consumer SLR called the 600D (t3i) which sits directly below the 60D in their product lineup.  The specs of the camera are an incremental step up from the old 550D but a few ergonomic changes have been made and the vari-angle swiveling LCD that we saw on the 60D has also made an appearance.  It’s getting pretty crazy the sort of features that are trickling down from the high end cameras to the consumer level.  I fully expect this to be a fantastic camera that will meet and exceed many peoples photographic needs.  The