PocketWizard Multimax II Launched

Pocketwizards have always been a part of my career in one way or another so I keep an eye on their new products. Today they have launched an update to the 16 year old Multimax transceiver, and the price is significantly lower than the old one ($229). Whilst I do believe there are better and much cheaper solutions for those that just wish to remotely trigger a flash, such as the Skyport, the Multimax is still pretty unique in terms of the number of features that it offers, and it seems as though they have added a few more. Hopefully …

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Pocketwizard Launches the Plus III

LPA Designs have today announced the third iteration of the Pocketwizard Plus lineup.  It integrates several of the features of the Multimax into a smaller, cheaper package that will actually sell for $30 less than the previous version!  Great news!  There has been considerable physical design changes too including a built in antenna and a sideways profile so as not to get in the way of the photographers view when mounted to the camera.  There is a new long range mode designed for remote camera usage, a repeater function (which was previously confined to the Multimax), 32 channels and a

Pocketwizard brings control to Elinchrom and Alien Bees strobes.

Users of pocketwizards and Elinchrom or Alien Bees flashes rejoice! A couple of days ago Pocketwizard announced a couple of pretty cool sounding new products. The PowerST4 and the AC9 adapter for Elinchrom and Alien Bees strobes respectively. They both work in different ways so let me break it down differently… Pocketwizard AC9 Firstly if you have just purchased the new Paul C Buff Einstein lights let me break your heart now and let you know the AC9 does not work with those lights (though intriguingly Paul himself has hinted that there is something else in the works that we

Pocketwizard TT1 Review

Be prepared… this is a long one. A few months ago I wrote a post HERE about a couple of exciting new products from LPA designs, the makers of the pocketwizard triggering system. If you are entirely unfamiliar with these products i suggest a quick read of my earlier post as there is a bit of assumed knowledge. I’m not initially interested in the wireless ETTL modes for these new models so i just bought myself a TT1 transmitter to try out the Hypersync mode which supposedly allows you to achieve a much higher x-sync with your strobes. Unfortunately I