Photo on NBC Nightly News

A couple of months ago I posted about how I shot the Blood Moon solar eclipse.  I was just digging through my email inbox today and I found an email from one of the producers at NBC who kindly sent me a link to the new spot that briefly features one of my blood moon photos. You can view the spot HERE. For those that don’t live in the US (that includes me), Nightly News on NBC is currently the highest rated nightly news show with over 9 million viewers every week.  Pretty neat!  

Behind the Shot: Blood Moon Rising

Canon 5D Mark III with Canon 200-400 f/4 A Blood Moon is the name given to a specific type of lunar eclipse where The Moon turns a dramatic orange colour at the point of total eclipse.  A so-called Super Moon is a full moon that occurs at the point in The Moon’s orbit where it is closest to The Earth. In 2015, these two events coincided with each other to produce a “Blood Super Moon”, something which won’t happen again until 2033! I’ve previously shared a tutorial I created on how to shoot a lunar eclipse, and I set out again this