Introducing The F-Stop Dakota Components

The new Dakota components are designed to compliment the Mountain Series packs that I have reviewed in the past.  As well as the products that I’m about to show you, F-Stop have also released a belt system featuring several new lens cases, a large padded waist belt and optional supporting shoulder straps.  I have not had a chance to see or test the lens cases for the new belt system but you can view these on their website. Tripod Bag This bag is available in either black or foliage green for a modest $49 and will work with just about

The F-Stop Loka backpack is nearly here!

Just a quick note today to say that the long awaited F-Stop Loka backpack is now on its way.  The first shipment is in transit from the factory and those that pre-ordered early enough will be getting theirs shipped out to them very soon!  I have been a part of F-Stops pro Faction team for a few years now and alongside the designers, permanent staff members and other pro team members we have spent a long time pooling our ideas and experiences to get this pack together.  I am posting a few photos of the black Loka below and I

Introducing the F-Stop Loka backpack

Regular readers of the blog will know that I use mainly use the F-Stop Satori to carry my gear around. I am also part of the F-Stop Faction team.  For some time now the guys at F-Stop have been working on a new pack called the Loka.  With input from all the Faction members they have created a new pack that slots into the Mountain Series lineup below the Satori and the Tilopa in sizing. The new pack is now up for pre-order and the first production versions are expected to be delivered in late August. As soon as I