Canon Drops Price For C300 And Opens Pre-Orders For Jan 30th Shipping

We thought they might, we hoped they might…… and they did.  Canon have just announced that their new flagship digital cinema camera, the EOS C300, will launch at a price of $15,999.  This is $4000 less than they originally told people, due largely in part to the backlash of the film making community.  Only 18 stores will be stoking the C300 and you can bet that there will be a HUGE rush to get these in the early stages.  If your company is considering purchasing one then I would urge you to place a pre-order with B&H Photo HERE.  You

10 Things You May Not Know About The Canon EOS C300 & Future Of Cinema EOS

I did a post similar to this on the recently announced EOS 1DX which people seemed to enjoy so here we are again with another one.  This time I was able to have a short conversation with Erik Allin from Canon today , who works out of their Hollywood branch and was a technical specialist in the research of the C300.  The chat turned up a couple of new interesting pieces of information that I’ve added here. 1 – EF Cine Primes – 3 announced, 2 more in the pipeline Whilst the two zoom lenses are identical to the PL

Canon Launches The EOS C300 – Super35 Digital Video Camera

Ever since the somewhat accidental success of the Canon 5dMKII in the film making industry we’ve been waiting for Canon to incorporate their large sensor video capabilities into a camera that was designed from the ground up with this purpose in mind.  Many video capable DSLRs have come and gone since the 5dMKII launch but almost without exception they still had the same drawbacks of it’s predecessor when it came to more professional production.  Highly compressed footage, no XLR inputs for pro audio gear and no HD-SDI for pro monitoring gear.  In the mean time Canon’s competitors have released cameras