Canon Launches Entry Level Full Frame Camera – EOS 6D

Hot on the heals of Nikons D600 announcement last week, Canon has joined the cheaper full frame party with the new EOS 6D.  I wrote an article last month in which I made some guesses about Canon’s long terms plans….. this announcement fits in my theory pretty nicely and Canon are even further along in this plan than I had suspected.  Rumors of this camera were kept quite tight until the last few days so I think Canon has been plugging their leaky ship a little bit more.The question now will be ‘ is there going to be a 7D

Canon 6D Vs. Nikon D600 – Full Frame Wars

The full frame wars are hotting up and what used to be a feature confined to the pro marketplace has now found its way into the prosumer marketplace simultaneously from the top two manufacturers.  The high cost of CMOS sensor production was the catalyst for ‘crop’ frame APS-C cameras but now that these costs have reduced we can finally get back to the way things are meant to be, the way they always were with film cameras and a 35mm film.  This is an exciting time in the industry and I’m happy to say that both Canon and Nikon appear