My Favourite Canon Multipurpose Lens Trifecta

These are the three lenses I usually grab if I’m heading out for a day of photography and want to be prepared for anything! With this kit I have a focal range from 11-400mm and can tackle everything from landscapes to astrophotography, portraiture, sports and wildlife.

Canon 24-70 f2.8 II Preview – Hands On

This lens has been a long time coming as it was originally announced back in February but faced many unspecified delays on the way to dealers.  I just received mine this morning, one from the first small batch that made it to Canada.  I plan to do a proper review within the next week or so once I’ve had some more time with it but being one of Canon’s most anticipated lenses ever, I also wanted to post some first impressions and a couple of samples that I shot this afternoon. I performed all my initial tests with the lens