Comparing Canon’s 300mm f2.8 Ls – MKI Vs MKII

I’m a big fan of the original Canon 300mm f2.8 L IS, it has served me well from covers to ads I’ve packed this thing around the world with me shooting up mountains and around race tracks with frankly stunning results.  I’ve never once caught myself wishing for anything more from the lens, I even shoot it regularly with extenders and produce more than useable images.  When Canon announced its replacement last year I wondered how much of an improvement they could really make.  In reading the various press releases for all of Canon’s new Super Telephotos it became clear

Battle of the 300s. 300mm F4 IS Vs. 300mm F2.8 IS

This past winter I decided to purchase a 300mm f2.8 L IS.  My dream lens.  At the time I was using a 300mm f4 L IS to shoot skiing with and whilst I was never disappointed with the quality of the shots from that lens on its own, I wanted to see a little more from it when used with teleconverters. After buying the 2.8 I still had the f4 for a couple of weeks before I sold it on so I took the opportunity to shoot a few tests to compare the two.  Details of my testing were as