Lenses & Gear For Sale

Hey folks, I’m doing a bit of spring cleaning in the gear closet and I have a few things for sale. If you are seriously interested in any of these items, use the contact form to send me a message and I’ll get back to you with details and photos of the items you are interested in. Prices are in Canadian dollars. All items are in at least 9/10 condition. I take good care of my gear! (And no, I’m not leaving Canon, just repurposing some assets for other projects) – Canon 11-24mm f/4 L $2400– Canon 200-400 f/4 L

Let Me Tell You About My Unexpected Life

This year I had the great pleasure of working with Whistler Blackcomb on a short film project as one of the subjects their Choose to Be film series. This series of six videos explores the lives of people that in the Whistler valley, and the choices they made that defined their lives. My journey from Aerospace Engineer in England to outdoor, adventure and wildlife photographer in Canada, is an interesting one, and I’m so pleased to be able to share some of that in such an interesting and visually stunning way. Huge thanks to my good friend Jeff Thomas for

Paddling Magazine Feature

I don’t always get to share published work but this quick piece about kayaking with grizzly bears, from a kayaking magazine called Paddling Magazine, is available to read online in their digital edition.

I’m Back! Rainforests, boats, bears, whales…

I must apologize that things went a little quiet for a few weeks around here while I’ve been busy on the road in a couple of locations around British Columbia. The first trip was to photograph the temperate rainforests of the Sunshine Coast, and a second longer trip saw me based in Tofino for a few weeks while I tracked down the incredible wildlife that lives in that areas. Just to give you an idea, in a single day I photographed black bears, killer whales (mother and son, transients), grey whales and a grey whale calf, eagles, harbour seals, stellar

Beautiful Metal Prints!

I recently had some metal prints done by a specialist printing company in Florida called Shiny Prints, and the results were fantastic. I’ve written a much more in-depth post about their services and they results I got over on Shutter Muse, but I just couldn’t help sharing a quick note about them here too. This is the first time I’ve had my work printed on metal and I was really blown away by the final look of the product, particularly the Frame Mount glossy prints that I received. This definitely won’t be the last time I get something from these

Uh Oh – They Weighed My Carry-On Luggage..!

If you’re reading the blog posts in chronological order, you’ll know I had a less than pleasing travel experience a few days ago on a flight to the Yukon. It seems that air travel is only destined to get more complicated, and on my return flight to British Columbia this morning with Air North (actually I’m writing this on the plane), I had another experience that’s worth talking about. In this instance I ran up against the dreaded carry-on luggage weight limit. I’ve flown a lot in my career and in well over a decade of flight you can count

Flying in Canada? You Need to Know This About Transport Canada’s New Security Procedures, or You Might Lose Your Laptop

I generally enjoy the process of flying to, from or through Canada’s airports. They are usually friendly, efficient places to be, and travel normally seems hassle free. Unfortunately, Transport Canada has just dropped the ball in a big way, and if you’re not prepared for it, you may end up having a frustrating experience and potentially have someone walk off with your laptop. The system at fault is the new hand luggage screening process that is currently being implemented in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. At the moment I’m not sure if it will be more widespread than that, but

Packing Tips on Mighty Goods

MightyGoods is a website that shares stories and knowledge from adventurers, nomads, athletes and other people wander the globe. Along with several other photographers, I was recently asked to share some photography packing tips with them and you can find the article here.

New Article In Really Right Stuff’s Magazine

I’ve always been a huge fan of Really Right Stuff support gear so I was thrilled to be asked to contribute to the latest issue of their magazine. If you’re a previous customer than you probably already had a print copy of this land on your doorstep at some point, and if not, you can download a copy for free on this page. Hope you enjoy the insights! PS. Over on Shutter Muse last month, I wrote one of the longest gear comparisons that I’ve ever tackled. I compared every single Really Right Stuff ballhead, levelling head and gimbal! Check

New Recommended Gear Page at B&H

By now you guys know that I often work closely with B&H Photo to borrow gear for testing purposes, and sometimes to bring you great deals on all kinds of camera equipment. I have a pretty international audience on this site and what I like about B&H is how easy they make international ordering. Here in Canada, shipping is free for orders over $100, and they let me pay the tax and duties during the ordering process so I know what my final total is going to be. I can’t speak for the process in all other countries, but I

Drobo Explore Adventure Photography Contest Winner

I’m a little bit late posting this piece of news, but I’m very pleased to tell you guys about it none the less. I’m a long time user of Drobos for storing my photo archives, and this summer they ran an adventure photography contest which seemed right up my alley! I’m happy to say that the image I entered took home the top prize. I can’t quite remember the submission criteria off the top of my head, but roughly speaking it said something along the lines of “show us a photo that embodies your enjoyment of adventure”. A self portrait

New Photos from Floe Lake in Kootenay National Park

I recently took a quick trip over to Kootenay Naitonal Park on the Alberta/BC border to photograph the golden larch trees beneath the famous Grand Wall on the edge of Floe Lake. I’ve wanted to check this place out for some time, and luckily I had a small opening in my schedule at just the right time. GALLERY –>> You can check out my photos from Floe Lake here.