Flying with an Elinchrom Ranger

This morning I was woken up at 4am by someone hammering on my front door. I was ecstatic. Why? Because the guy who was banging 7 shades out of my door, was also carrying my pelican case full of flash equipment that I had last seen at Queenstown airport in New Zealand 4 days ago. If you own and travel with an Elinchrom Ranger (or similar batery powered flash) then you would be advised to read on. Let’s face it, if you put a Ranger through an x-ray scanner at an airport , it’s going to trigger some alarms. And …

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Pocketwizard TT1 Review

Be prepared… this is a long one. A few months ago I wrote a post HERE about a couple of exciting new products from LPA designs, the makers of the pocketwizard triggering system. If you are entirely unfamiliar with these products i suggest a quick read of my earlier post as there is a bit of assumed knowledge. I’m not initially interested in the wireless ETTL modes for these new models so i just bought myself a TT1 transmitter to try out the Hypersync mode which supposedly allows you to achieve a much higher x-sync with your strobes. Unfortunately I …

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What’s in the bag? – Part 1 – Lighting kit

Ok guys, you asked for it…..  I’m always getting people wandering about the gear I use so  without further delay here is part 1.  A quick video to show you my lighting kit in my Pelican 1610 case.  Below is also a list of whats in the case and some photos too. Bonus! In the case: Elinchrom Ranger RX Elinchrom Ranger “A” head 4 x Nikon SB80DX 4x Vivitar 285 4X Pocketwizard Multimax 4X Dual flash brackets Umbrella holders, mini ballheads and other lightstand accessories Many miles of cables and splitters and spares cables. Gaffer tape and flash gels