I Found An LP-E12 Battery Case! (Also a GoPro Battery Case)

I recently wrote about the Canon M50s thirst for battery power, and the third-party Wasabi LP-E12 batteries that I have been using. With four batteries for my little Canon M50, I needed something to keep them in so I went rummaging around in my closet. For my Canon LP-E6 batteries I use the Think Tank battery holders, which do an excellent job. However, they are unnecessarily big for the much smaller LP-E12 batteries. As it happens though, an LP-E12 is very similar in size to a GoPro battery. I had a few GoPro battery cases from MindShift Gear kicking around, and they turned out to be the perfect solution!

The cases come in either a GP2 double battery or GP4 quadruple battery size, and there’s also a memory card pocket in there that will hold two or three SD cards. The pocket is designed for Micro SD cards for the GoPro, but I have tested it and it easily fits regular SD cards as well.

I have a total of 4 batteries, but having used both the GP2 and GP4 holders for a couple of weeks, I have decided that I prefer to use two GP2 holders instead of a single GP4 holder. The longer length of the GP4 makes it trickier to stash in a bag, but the GP2s are short enough that you can just stuff them in next to a small lens. This has been working much better for me, and then if I’m just popping out for a short walk, I can just take one of the GP2s with me, instead of the larger GP4.

They’re On Sale!

This was unplanned, but when I went to the MindShift website to check on the pricing, I found out that these cases are actually on sale at the moment. At the time of publishing this, pricing is as follows:

Or… Get it for FREE!

If you spend over $50 in the MindShift Gear store after clicking one of my links, like this one, you’ll be able to claim a free gift at the checkout. As it happens, one of the free gift options is this very battery holder! So, if you go to the store and buy something else for your M50, like a small backpack, you’ll be able to get the battery case for $0. More details about this promotion can be found on this page.

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