I Found An LP-E12 Battery Case! (Also a GoPro Battery Case)

I recently wrote about the Canon M50s thirst for battery power, and the third-party Wasabi LP-E12 batteries that I have been using. With four batteries for my little Canon M50, I needed something to keep them in so I went rummaging around in my closet. For my Canon LP-E6 batteries I use the Think Tank battery holders, which do an excellent job. However, they are unnecessarily big for the much smaller LP-E12 batteries. As it happens though, an LP-E12 is very similar in size to a GoPro battery. I had a few GoPro battery cases from MindShift Gear kicking around, …

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Canon M50 – The LP-E12 Battery Monster (and a Cheap Solution)

I haven’t paid a whole lot of attention to Canon’s previous mirrorless cameras, but the M50 had enough features to get my attention so I’m continuing to evaluate it alongside the 5D Mark IV that I use on a daily basis for work. So far I’m enjoying having a second small camera in my bag that uses the same lenses as my primary camera (with an adapter), but the battery life of the M50 is quite poor. If you come from a DSLR, the decreased battery life of mirrorless cameras does take a bit of getting used to! It’s rare …

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Pearstone Duo Battery Charger Review

One of the things that I was happy to see at the launch of the Canon 5D MKIII was that they have kept the venerable LP-E6 battery that was first introduced more than three years ago with the MKII.  I’ve always been amazed at it’s capacity and in the last few years several third party accessory manufacturers have also adopted it for powering video equipment accessories such as LCD monitors of external video recorders.  Of course it’s also been used in the 7D and 60D!  In other words, if you are a Canon shooter then the chances are you have