Month: July 2016

Credit Where Credit is Due: Lexar Warranty

This is a little off-topic from my usual blog posts, but I strive to provide useful information to you guys, and I genuinely feel this is worth knowing about. Last week I noticed that one of my Lexar Professional 1000x SD cards was broken. Part of the plastic casing had come apart, and I could no longer insert it safely into a camera. I’ve never had to warranty a memory card before, and I think in general I get filled with a sense of dread at the thought of fighting long wait times in online chat support centres, or...

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Behind the Shot: Moraine Lake Sunrise

Moraine Lake is one of the most photographed lakes in the world, but this was actually my first time visiting it when I took this shot. Despite the remote looking landscape, there’s easy vehicle access in the summer months, and that means that it’s teeming with people during the day. There are nice shots to be had at night and in the evening, but sunrise is the quietest time, and you get to watch the first light of the day creep its way along the famous peaks at the far end of the lake. Equipment Used for This Shot...

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Gear Check: Canon Extension Tubes

Extension tubes are a great little lens accessory, and I almost always have at least one of the Canon ones in my bag these days. At first glance they look like small, black extenders (sometimes called teleconverters), but actually they don’t have any optics inside them at all. It can be a bit confusing because extenders and extension tubes look similar, so let’s be clear from the start which is which, and what they do: Extension Tubes (what we’re talking about today) These sit between the lens and the camera body and act as a spacer to move the...

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