Month: March 2015

Canon 7D Mark 2 – ISO 3200 – Download High Res Samples

I’ve been using the 7D Mark II for a few months now and the more I use it, the more I like it.  Of course when it came out, the first question that people wanted to know was: “How is the high ISO performance?” Before the 7D Mark II arrived, my main camera was the 5D Mark III (I just LOVE the smaller form factor of these cameras Vs. the 1-D style).  I was looking to use the 7D Mark II for wildlife photography, paired with my 200-400 f/4 L IS and my main question was what the performance...

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50% Discount on Canon 7D!!

This deal is too good not to share!  B&H are offering up to a staggering $850 discount on the Canon 7D package, in three varieties.  I know the 7D is an older camera not, but it was still a workhorse for many people for a long time. It would be a great budget camera for someone who is looking to get into sports or wildlife photography. Check the deal out while stocks last! 7D Body Only 7D with 28-135 7D with 18-135...

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New Image Chosen For Apple’s Global iPhone Campaign

  I’m pleased to announce today that Apple’s latest global “Shot On iPhone” ad campaign will feature one of my recent images taken with my iPhone 6+.  Their latest campaign aims to feature the work of their customers, both amateur and professional photographers, and as a longtime Apple user, I couldn’t be more excited to be chosen as part of this project!  The campaign will feature the images around the world on billboards, transit ads, magazine ads and in a gallery on       More About The Image A photo posted by Dan Carr (@dancarrphoto) on Mar 2,...

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