Month: June 2013

Many Camera & Lens Rebates Ending Soon

Most of the major rebate programs from the major manufacturers are set to expire on June 29th or July6th in the case of the Canon one!  If you’ve been holding off on that next lens or camera purchase you’ll want to check these out today to make sure you aren’t about to miss out.        ...

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Keeping Your Photography Cables Organized

Someone e-mailed me today with the simple question “how do you keep you cables organised?” My solution comes in two parts: 1. Buy the Et Cetera cases from Gura Gear.  I prefer the ‘cases’ for organization when I travel and in the office/storage cupboards and then the ‘pouches’ are flatter so they work best to stash in my bag when I’m out shooting. 2. Use Pearstone Touch Fasteners from B&H.  These things are super cheap and just awesome.  You tie one to each cable and then there’s always a way to fasten it up into a neat little package. ...

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Zoom H6 Audio Coming In August

B&H updated their site today with more information on the the Zoom H6 audio recorder.  The Zoom H4 has been the go-to portable DSLR audio solution for the last three or four years but Samson’s Zoom H6 is now on the horizon and looks set to ship in August.  The unit is available to pre-order now if you really want to grab it as soon as it arrives. The H6 features up to 6 tracks of recording compared to the previous 4-track H4 and it also features interchangeable modules on the top to switch out microphones or add additional XLR ports.  The H6 will ship with an XY pattern mic and a mid-side mic module with a shotgun and dual XLR available as extras.  It all seems like a pretty sweet little package, a nice upgrade and only $399!...

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Unboxing the Canon 200-400 F4 L IS 1.4 Ext

Well the day finally came.  Canon’s most anticipated professional lens is making its way into public hands and I was able to get one of the first few that landed in Canada.  As I say in the video, every photographer should get the opportunity to experience the excitement of unwrapping one of Canon’s “Big Whites”.  Gear porn? Yes indeed, but i know some of you love these kinds of videos. Now time to go and shoot! Buy your own Canon 200-400 B&H Photo – Canon 200-400 F4 L IS Amazon – Canon 200-400 F4 L IS    ...

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