zoom h6 handy recorderB&H updated their site today with more information on the the Zoom H6 audio recorder.  The Zoom H4 has been the go-to portable DSLR audio solution for the last three or four years but Samson’s Zoom H6 is now on the horizon and looks set to ship in August.  The unit is available to pre-order now if you really want to grab it as soon as it arrives.

The H6 features up to 6 tracks of recording compared to the previous 4-track H4 and it also features interchangeable modules on the top to switch out microphones or add additional XLR ports.  The H6 will ship with an XY pattern mic and a mid-side mic module with a shotgun and dual XLR available as extras.  It all seems like a pretty sweet little package, a nice upgrade and only $399!


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