Keeping Your Photography Cables Organized

etCeteraAllSomeone e-mailed me today with the simple question “how do you keep you cables organised?”

My solution comes in two parts:

1. Buy the Et Cetera cases from Gura Gear.  I prefer the ‘cases’ for organization when I travel and in the office/storage cupboards and then the ‘pouches’ are flatter so they work best to stash in my bag when I’m out shooting.

2. Use Pearstone Touch Fasteners from B&H.  These things are super cheap and just awesome.  You tie one to each cable and then there’s always a way to fasten it up into a neat little package.  So cheap, buy a ton of them right off the bat and never worry about them again.  I have about 10 different types and 5 or 6 sizes.

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