Here’s a little interesting piece of Canon news regarding the EOS-1D X.  Canon has launched a series of videos guides which are designed to be played back on the camera.  You can download the videos right HERE and then load them onto a memory card to keep out in the field with you or on a trip.  The EOS-1D X shares a lot of the functionality of the EOS 5D Mark III and having used that camera for a few months now I can tell you that it is probably the first camera I’ve ever owned where I absolutely NEEDED to look at the manual on several occasions.  There is so much customization available, and the AF system is so complex that you just won’t get the best out of the camera without it.  These videos are a great way to negate the necessity to travel with the actual manual, and a great way to put some old memory cards to good use !


(via DPReview)

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